Christmas GadgetsLet’s look at the hottest gadgets this holiday season. Here are the 10 most interesting ones.

Christmas – the ultimate time of the year that’s perfect for shopping and finding some new gizmos that you can add either to your own personal collection or to a close friend’s. While many people can resist the urge to shop throughout the year, the Christmas spirit is one that is hard to compete with.

Everyone around you is doing the holiday rush and even if you really want to save money, it won’t be hard to convince you that you need to buy at least one thing that you really want. You’ve earned it anyway.

So, what are the ten gadgets that you should consider bringing home with you before 2014 starts? Let’s look at them now:

1. Google Chromecast

Google ChromecastThis is genius. A small device that allows you to view your Chrome device on your TV. This is a tiny gizmo that you can simply plug into the HDMI port of your TV. Once attached, you can watch videos and upload any file from your tablet, smartphone and laptop. And the great thing is, everything is wireless.

2. The New Apple iPads

Sure, there are plenty of tablets up for grabs this holiday season at discounted prices too, but you can never overlook the new iPads from Apple. The iPad Air is light as air (so they say), yet powerful. The iPad Mini is portable, yet sports a 10-hour battery life. The choice is yours, the light and powerful or the long-lasting and portable one.

3. Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble SmartwatchWe know the smartphones, but what about the smartwatch? If you’re a very active person, the Pebble Smartwatch will come in handy. This gizmo is promising as it acts like a satellite for your smartphone. You can receive messages with it, play games and even track your fitness level. And of course, it tells time too, who could’ve guessed?

4. The iPhone 5s

Although released a few months back, the iPhone 5s is still a gadget that you should consider getting for yourself this Christmas. The iPhone 5s is very desirable because of its two new innovative features. The first is the Touch ID sensor, allowing you to unlock your phone with your digital fingerprint. And the second is the dual-LED flash of the camera. A lot of people were sold on the first one alone.

5. PS4

Do you love video games? It may be true that gaming consoles are heavy on the pockets. But if you’ve resisted it this long, maybe it is time to give in. The Sony PS4 is the best in the market right now. It is actually an investment. The gaming console is smart, fast and integrates well with social media. This is truly the perfect gaming console for all gamers at heart.

6. Rokono BASS + Mini Speaker

This holiday season, prepare for numerous parties and get together with friends and family. Buy the Rokon BASS + Mini Speaker so you can keep the music going on and on for hours. Don’t belittle its small size, it is packed with BASS power and 10 hours of continuous playback and that’s for a single charge alone. You can use it to play music from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, iPods and MP3 players.

7. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is the third-generation of Kindle Fire tablets. There are two models for this, the smaller one at 7 inches and the bigger one at 8.9 inches. The HDX has gotten great reviews since its release. The Kindle Fire HDX allows you to download unlimited quantities of content from Amazon, whatever video, book, games or music that you want.

8. Nest Protect

Nest ProtectQuite out of the ordinary from this list, the Nest Protect is a household gadget that you can use and enjoy. This is a smoke and carbon-monoxide detector without the annoying and irritating alarm. Instead, you hear a calm female voice saying that there’s smoke in a part of your house. What if it mistakes your kitchen cooking for smoke? Just wave your arm on it and the alarm will stop. A great household device to keep the family safe.

9. MacBook Air

No, Apple didn’t pay us to feature three of their products in this list (they could if they want to, kidding). But that’s just how good their gadgets and gizmos are. If you’re looking for a laptop to invest in, you’ll never go wrong with the Apple MacBook Air. It’s ultra-slender and again, light as air. It features Intel Dual Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM and 128GB hard drive memory.

10. Roku 3

Roku 3The Roku 3 is an online streaming box. For what? You can watch 450+ channels of movies and TV shows, plus watch music channels, sports TV and more. It is dual-band wireless, USB ports, supports 1018p HD and has Ethernet. You can also plug in your earphones in it.

We could always add more to the list but we reckon that these are the best 10 gadgets that you should look into first this Christmas. It’s the time to give, so give yourself a merry little present too. After all, you deserve to treat yourself too.

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