Amazon droneDrone technology is taking to another level with in great grandeur and style.

It is coming from a corner you least expected. Well, at least not in the approach that Amazon has taken. Have you ever visualized how it would be like to receive your deliveries from an unmanned drone?

It’s not a prank and so you better believe it. This was in a bid to transform its service delivery and it was in joined efforts with Jeffery Bezos, a Washington post owner.

Its objectives

According to Amazon, you will be able to receive what you order, courtesy of this new technology. It might seem like a crazy way of doing business, but it’s all aimed at attaining the highest level of efficiency. All that Magical transformation is to take place in only five years. The order will just have to be less than five pounds and that will be the ticket to seeing the delivery being done in a unique way just in minutes. No time wastage, no inconvenience and no compromise on the safety and security on the orders whatsoever.

How it will work? That’s already been taken care of. The distribution joints are scattered in every part of the country so that the moment the order is received with the specific location, the drone in the area gets work.

The Strategy behind the plan

In normal market circumstances, business entities compete on the strength of their product. However, Amazon seems to be breaking away from this old tradition and instead, it is making time its greatest strength. Now that sounds logical. By ensuring that clients get what they want when they want it, its market capabilities are consequently meant to tighten. Imagine placing an order and receiving it within an hour’s time. Won’t that be a pleasant surprise? It’s just an amazing time saving factor. With the drones, the winding streets are no more as they use direct routes and before you know it, it will be in your locality.

The Power Point

Compared to the others, Amazon’s drones have superb SWAP and power. The battery life is just interestingly strong and isn’t that bulky in weight. As big as it is, the drone is powered by a battery the same size as that of a laptop. The only difference is the great chemistry of the drone which enables it to lift off those heavy payloads.

What the aviation authorities have to say about it

The spokesman from the Federal Aviation Administration has revealed that the current rules do not allow Amazon to start using this delivery plan. But in something like 3 to 5 years, they should start ripping the benefits of their hard work. So what will make the difference between now and then? The duration is to allow for FAA to relax their otherwise strict laws and regulations on the same.

The first priority for the FAA is to have new rules that will govern the use of the consumer drones after which will follow guidelines on the commercial drones.

Talk revolution in technology and that’s exactly what Amazon’s drones are. It is a big and bold step that will see pioneer their step to the next level. Only time will tell how things will turn out for the new discovery.

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