IPhone 5cEight million iPhones were sold in the weekend that the 5S and 5C were launched in September this year.

Following the earlier tradition started by the iPhone, the new sales have taken Apple to the top of the mobile polls again during that month. And this despite the fact that there were only ten selling days in the month after the launch of the 5S and the problem with supplies.

We all know that iPhones are sought after and have become real style icons of our time. Were you lucky enough to grab one in those first few weeks either by queuing for the launch or at the end of a waiting list afterwards? We bet you’re pleased with all its new features like the iTouch with secure fingerprint recognition and the iSight camera which captures clearer photos.

It has been good news for Apple too who were losing market share to Samsung prior to the new introductions. Now they are soaring above again and will be hoping to hold their position as front runners.

Protecting your iPhone

We bet whichever version of the iPhone you have, it is equally precious to you. Making sure you do the best to protect it so that it is always there at the touch of your fingertips will be important to you. Here are our tips:

  • Protect and cover: we know you might want the subtle colours of your new 5S to show or even the bright cases of your 5C to take centre stage, but an additional cover will help protect from the inevitable wear and tear scratches
  • Add a screen protector for similar reasons
  • Make sure you lock your iPhone: simple with the 5S but just as important with the 5C or earlier models in case anyone else picks it up
  • Keep it safe: always carry it in an inside pocket or a closed bag on a strap when you are out and about
  • Keep it on you: i.e. in particular don’t leave it lying around in public places
  • Update the system regularly via an automated package
  • Make sure your iPhone is registered with your network provider

Things to avoid

  • Keep your iPhone well away from water or liquids of any kind – it can’t swim!
  • Don’t leave it lying around for others’ temptation – this includes in your car
  • Dropping it – it won’t bounce and could do lots of damage. You don’t want your iPhone to go into a coma do you?
  • Be careful when installing new software – make sure it is safe and trustworthy. If in doubt don’t download it

Keep it insured

Lastly make sure you have iPhone insurance so that you never need be without your phone even in dire circumstances or at least not for long. Look for insurance that will allow you to make more than one claim a year – especially if you’re known for your clumsiness or are prone to losing smartphones. But the best protection even with insurance cover is to look after your iPhone as though it was your life … some might say it is!

Harry-PriceBy Harry Price

Harry Price is a free-lance writer who specializes in guest blogging. He plays competitive poker with his mates on the weekends and volunteers with local charities.