Arrest Apps

There are various apps today mostly designed for business and leisure purposes. However, there are also arrest apps that help arrested people get help fast.

The number of arrests today is nothing new considering that people have always been getting arrested for years. What makes it different today is the techy ways people have begun utilizing to alert or inform a person’s loved ones and friends that the person is being arrested.

Technology developments have paved the way for smartphone apps designed to send out alerts or notifications which highlights the way people are now dealing with arrests and how they secure bail for quicker release.

Smartphone Apps For Arrests?

Smartphone applications or smartphone apps are programs that can be downloaded onto your phone from the internet. These programs can help complete a variety of tasks even locating gas stations offering cheap gas prices, managing your social media accounts and searching for the name of a familiar song playing on the radio. Technology has certainly paved the way for people to be able to create smartphone apps for almost everything that can conveniently help people. Today there are over 500,000 apps that people can download, along with other phone platforms. Evidently, the number of apps will continue to grow day by day, so the availability of arrest apps are nothing surprising considering how technology makes it possible.

How Do These Arrest Apps Work?

Traditionally, a person taken into custody often had to wait for hours before being able to make a phone call to inform a loved one or friend about the arrest. However, these arrest apps eliminates the long wait time as all the arrested person has to do is press a button on their phone to send out an alert or notification to the individual indicated on its settings, such as parents, friends and lawyer.

All you have to do is manually input the phone numbers of the people you want to alert in such situations and then save a customized message such as – “I am being arrested and I need your help please.” In the event you are to be arrested or just before you are to be cuffed, simply press a button on your phone and the customized message will then be sent to the phone numbers saved on the app. Once the persons receive the message, they can contact other friends they know who can help with bail money or help in locating a reliable lawyer. Your family and friends can go through your address book and dial as many numbers until the list runs out just so the bail amount is secured. Their perseverance and diligence may be the reason you stay out of jail, says .

The arrest apps you can download can be found in itunes or apple online stores, as well as google play. Such apps are:

  • I’m getting arrested – can alert contacts and attach a map to display your location
  • Busted – can text and email selected contacts, and selected contacts can automatically contact the best local bail bond agent and lawyer.

Will These Apps Affect Bail Bonds?

While technology will certainly play a major role in the bail world, the apps will not affect bail bonds much. Though it is now easier and quicker for people to alert others and locate a bail bond company upon an arrest, people will still opt for local bail companies. If you want to be certain that you get a reliable and efficient bail bond agent, do some research online, compare services and store the information on your arrest app.

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