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In this post we discuss some of the benefits and advantages of using an online fax service.

The use of a fax machine is an important tool for many types of businesses. However, a standalone unit is typically fixed and cannot be easily moved from place to place. A better solution is to use an Internet fax service. A business owner who uses an online fax service will see many benefits with a service that offer mobile capability. Sending and receiving a fax can be done using a laptop computer, a desktop, or even a tablet PC. Let’s take a look some of the benefits an online fax service has to offer.

No Phone Line

The use of the Internet for sending and receiving faxes means not needing to pay for a dedicated phone line for a fax machine. A business owner with an office at home that has a shared phone line can switch to an Internet only service to save money. Eliminating the phone line used for a fax machine can save homeowners or business owners money by eliminating a monthly expense. Many people already have an online service accessible at home or from their mobile device. This means there is no reason to keep an unnecessary phone line.

No Equipment

Subscribing to an Internet fax service means no equipment is necessary to receive and send faxes. This means not needing to make space on a desk, table, or other area for a fax machine. Another benefit of a fax service that is online is not needing any electricity necessary for standalone units. Business owners who switch to an online fax service will see an increase in efficiency and a reduction of expenses. If an existing piece of equipment is eliminated, then there is one less item to maintain in a home or office.

Environmentally Friendly

Standard fax machines require the use of ink or toner, paper, and electricity to function. These are certain types of materials that can be harmful to the environment. Having an online fax service that can be used at an area business or a home means eliminating paper use and chemicals in the ink or toner. Another benefit is not spending money to buy supplies that are necessary for a standard fax machine.

No Waiting

Faxes that are sent and received over the Internet do not require any waiting. This is not the case when sending and receiving faxes from a standard fax machine. Sending and receiving faxes is done separately which can often waste time. Another factor to consider is not getting a busy signal and the sound heard once a connection is made.

Electronic Format

Faxes that are send and received using an online fax service are electronic. The most common format is a PDF file that is received via email as an attachment. Files can be opened for viewing or sent over to a printer to produce a hard copy. The use of an email account is fast and convenient as many people have various accounts that are accessed online or by using an app on their smartphone.

Reducing expenses is a goal for many business owners and anyone who is self-employed. Having a fax service that is online is a great way to achieve this goal.

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