Mobile FreelancersThe number of freelancers is on the rise and some pretty big claims are currently being thrown about – Intuit predicts more than 40 percent of the US workforce will be freelancing by 2020.

Whatever the predictions for the future and the percentage of the global workforce expected to be freelancing by 2050, it’s impossible to deny that smartphones have become every freelancer’s best friend, though if that’s yet to happen, a hook-up should be scheduled very soon.

Here are five cool smartphone apps every freelancer should consider using:

1. Determine how much to charge your clients using ‘MyPrice’

At just $1.99 for the iOS platform, MyPrice is an app no freelancer should find themselves without. This excellent, and very well received, app enables freelancers to accurately work out how much they should charge their clients, which has long been one of the most difficult aspects of running a freelance business.

MyPrice enables freelancers to determine how much they should charge their clients by enabling them to break down their expenses with calculations based on the entire project or a per hour basis.

2. Manage WordPress websites on the go with ‘ManageWP’

An excellent time-saver for freelance developers and editors working with WordPress websites, ManageWP has quickly proven to be one of those apps that once you start using you can’t imagine how you ever lived without it.

This excellent app enables WordPress developers and editors to log into all their clients’ WordPress installations simultaneously, thus saving them time when making changes, performing backups and scans.

3. Better manage ‘scope creep’ with ‘Planscope’

Scope creep is the term applied to a situation in which a client changes their mind mid-project and decides they want something else. The end result here is usually that the freelancer gives in to the client’s demands and ends up bearing the brunt of the financial changes.

Planscope helps freelancers and project managers keep their clients in the fiscal loop by clearly showing how the client much the project will cost them and where the money has gone as changes occur.

What’s more, the clients are actually fully involved here and they can even write their own estimates by adding or removing aspects of the project.

4. Keep track of your business expenses with ‘Expensify’

A free app available on both Android and iOS platforms, Expensify is hugely popular and rightly so. Expensify is another smartphone app that enables freelancers to keep track of their business expenses to avoid being hit up by the taxman at the end of the year.

This is a handy tool for those just settling into their new life as a freelancer as well as those with years of experience juggling their numerous business expenses and keeping tabs on them all.

5. Track your invoices with ‘FreshBooks’

FreshBooks is a handy app that makes tracking expenses, invoices and manpower hours simple and it’s precisely for this reason that this app has proven to be such a popular app amongst freelancers. Moreover, it’s also well known for being simple and straightforward to use so even the least digitally or technically minded freelancer will find it useful.

Whilst the app is free for both Android and iOS, there’s a monthly fee applied which varies depending on the service level you opt for.

Freelancers have found these cool apps to be exactly what they’ve been looking for, and in addition to these handy apps, the world of application development has plenty more to offer freelancers employed in a diverse array of industries and sectors. Take note of these handy apps when sourcing ways to more effectively run your freelance business.

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Lucy Iliffe is a writer for Creation Application, a  specialist in application development for a wide range of platforms, including Windows, BlackBerry, Android and iOS. A company with over 20 years of experience in their industry.