White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO

Link building is nothing but the process of promoting the links of a business or individual by posting it on other sites.

It is essential for online site promotion and based on this a website will be ranked during the process of keyword search. Each good quality link that is put on a site will determine the quality and credibility of the site. Thereby it increases the chances of a website being ranked high in top search engine results.

In theory, this result can be achieved by using many quality links on the internet. During the initial phase of SEO, link building was considered a simple and easy process where the URL of a site could be posted on a lot of online directories.

Links could also be added to the comment box given in every site and then shared with other sites using submission services. This technique is called black hat link building, which is explained in detail below.

Link Building – Black Hat

In SEO, black hat link building is a method through which you can generate many backlinks without straining much during the process. One of the most widely used black hat link building methods by SEO consultants is spamming of websites where links will be posted in the comments sections. The links will be posted in the comments section of all the blogs irrelevant to the content of the blog or link. Only once in a while, the link will match with the comment and in most of the cases, the comment will have the website url or the link.

The use of such spam comments has created awareness among webmasters and they started using comment moderation to prevent such links from getting posted on their blogs. Google in particular has been able to successfully eliminate such spams and has also prevented such black hat methods from getting a proper ranking. To put an end to this problem, other search engines including Google provided a “nofollow “ tag on all the links to prevent spamming. Renowned blogging sites now use this method to attach the “nofollow” tag to any links present in the comment section of the blog.

“Link Farming” is another black hat technique that deals with the process of generating backlinks. Link farm is nothing but a website that is specifically designed to place links on sites that will automatically redirect to another website. It will be quite difficult to identify a link farm mainly because of the design, but on closer inspection you can see that all the links direct to the same page.

The main idea behind this concept is to misguide Google in thinking that a site deserves better ranking that what is being given, with the ultimate aim of appearing in top search results. The concept of link farming is used and is also being sold by SEO consultants, but it is something that must be avoided.

Blog networking is another process where “fake” blogs are created by users for a price just for the sake of getting links for their site. Google does not pay much attention to such networks. Such sites do not contain regularly updated content and the posts will be of low quality and will not satisfy the purpose of the site. Such sites spam the network and if caught Google will penalize the site with a “Red Flag” along with the other sites that are linked along with them.

Link building – White Hat

The concept of link building – white hat is based on two major factors:

1. Quality content

2. Relevant content

The main aim of an SEO consultant is to provide good quality content for relevant blogs thereby helping users get valuable information.

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to provide good content for another person’s website or blog in the hope of getting another link as a reward for the contribution made. Through guest posting and writing, businesses can increase their growth and reach global audience thereby increasing brand awareness.

This process requires a lot of patience and research as you have to contact many blog owners and provide valuable content to enhance their blogs. The post should be written in such a manner that it grabs the attention of the users and also receives positive responses. This will in turn pave way for more guest posting opportunities.

One of the best white hat SEO methods is to post quality blogs on sites that has relevance to the business you do. Even though there is an impact of Google algorithms such as Penguin and Panda, guest posting is one of the popular ways to get back quality links to your site if you follow the right method.

SEO methods include lots of articles from the public sector. The press release is one of the best forms of article marketing that is quite useful to announce the launch of new brand/product. This is also one of the best methods to get good backlinks to your site and also attract more visitors to your site.

However, you should optimize press releases before submission as it will help you get better backlinks for your site.

If you want to use press releases for implementing SEO, you must have good relationships with editors of websites and magazines. Through this way, you will also be able to insert anchor text links within the press releases. You must also make sure that the press release must be optimized with heading tags and rich content.

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