Commercial digital signage

Is there any doubt that digital signage is going to change advertising in the next 10 years?

Commercial digital signage is already responsible for an estimated $2.7 billion in advertising revenue through 2013, and the sky is the limit when it comes to future profits. Businesses of all stripes can benefit from digital innovation. Whether you own a restaurant, a movie theater, a junkyard, or a medical clinic, a well-designed digital sign can change the way customers and investors see your company.

Cost-Effective Displays

Digital signage is quickly becoming the norm in fast-food restaurants around the country, providing franchisees with the perfect way to engage customers without breaking the bank. While the up-front cost of a good digital display might be higher than a traditional sign, they also last longer. Sure, you can keep a plain menu board up for years, but few businesses want displays that never evolve. If you want to stay fresh, update easily and often, digital signage is the way to do it.

Digital Signs Catch the Eye

One of the biggest hurdles any business faces is trying to get some attention. From smartphones to IMAX 3D movies, innovations in technology have made it increasingly difficult to catch a customer’s eye with a traditional display. That’s where commercial digital signage comes in. With bright colors, touchscreen i

nteractivity, flashy graphics, and current relevance, the best of these signs demand your attention.
FASTSIGNS Digital Signs Catch the Eye

Added Personality

Any entrepreneur with an eye on trends is experimenting with social media. Twitter, Facebook, and other social

media channels have proven to be successful outlets for companies to connect with their customers. The best of these brands infuse their social media presence with some personality, engaging the public on a personal level rather than a stiff, professional one. Digital signage allows a business to take some of that flavor and add it to their brick-and-mortar locations. Plus, interactive signs are easily incorporated into an existing businesses interior design, adding to the aesthetic appeal.

Focused Content

Providing business owners with a way to change their displays at the drop of a dime, digital displays are an excellent way to deliver focused, streamlined messages to the public. A fast-food sign with replaceable lettering allows some customization, but it looks outdated, limiting the business to what they can spell with the available letters. With a digital sign, the only limit is your imagination. You can deliver sale information, current events, and anything else you feel will attract a customer’s eye.


Finally, digital signage is the perfect solution for the owner of multiple stores. With the right system, you don’t have to change the signs at each of your locations every time you want to vary your message. From a single, centralized location, you can change every sign at once. Not only does this save time, money and it’s eco-friendly, but it also provides owners the ability to keep their branding consistent across the board.
Touch Screen Displays from FASTSIGNS
Whether you want to bring your advertising up to date or follow in the footsteps of national chains, digital signage can make it happen. Is digital signage changing the world? Yes. In the future, everything will be digital. For many, the future is now.

Alison Johnston

Author BIO:

Alison Johnston is a writer for FASTSIGNS, the leader in visual communications.