Audio Typing Service

This article looks into the work done by an audio typist. It also gives the benefits of audio typing services.

Audio typing is the process of transcribing dictations, speeches, or any other form of audio files into typed text. An audio typist does transcription, while the oral material being typed can be sourced directly from a narrator, or an audio device.

If the typist is knowledgeable with the subject matter, then the transcript can be compiled within a short period while at the same time maintaining a high standard of accuracy. As a result, some professional audio typists specialize in specific fields. For instance, you can find transcribers that that focus on providing services to clients in the medical, engineering, or the legal field.

Most people think that a skilled typist should be able to type fast and use the appropriate acronyms, and abbreviations related to the source material. However, the quality of the material to be typed determines how fast an audio typist can accomplish the task.

Types of Audio Typing Services

There are two types of audio typing services, online and offline. With offline audio typing, the source of the oral material can be passed on as a speech, discussion, or dictation. The services of an offline typist can be used during business conferences, in offices, and courtrooms.

On the other hand, online audio typing takes the source material from digital files. Most people that use this service are mainly business owners. Digital audio files such as MP3s, DSS, and WAV are uploaded onto the website of the company offering audio typing services. The completed transcript is sent to the client via mail. The beauty of online transcriptions is that the typist can work from anywhere in the world and does not have to be physically present. With online audio typing the client is required to send a blank template or a typed example to give the typist an idea of how the completed transcript should look like.

The Benefits of Audio Typing Services

The most obvious benefit of audio typing services is that they provide written backups of important audio files. However, these services have many other benefits. Below are some of the major advantages that you can get from hiring an audio typist.

  • Requesting the services of a professional audio typist saves you money and time. Hiring full time staff to do transcription tasks will require you to set aside a regular fixed payment. However, with freelance audio typists, you will pay them only when you need some work done.
  • Using an audio typist takes the backlog of work off your company’s back. This then allows your secretary to concentrate on other important tasks, thus preventing work from piling up.
  • Audio typists are useful when you need a quick job. Adept typists usually handle transcriptions fast, and at any time of the day. As such, you can avoid incidences where you are stuck waiting for long periods to get your work done.
  • Finally, the services of an audio typist can come in handy during office peak seasons.

With all of these benefits, hiring a professional transcriber is indeed a sensible choice to make.

This article was authored by Douglas Finlay, a professional blogger based in Edinburgh, Scotland. When Douglas is not blogging, he is busy researching. He writes for this audio typing service website to help readers understand about transcription services.