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This article takes a closer look at SEO outsourcing for your business.

This is a question that pretty much every business operating in this day and age will at some point along the way have to ask themselves. It’s no longer a case of debating whether or not you need SEO to get by – it’s a fundamental prerequisite for success. As such, the question that remains is that of whether you should outsource SEO services for the benefit of the company or whether it would be better to keep them in-house.

Well, the best approach is to ask yourself a series of relatively simple questions and determine what makes the most sense. So with this in mind, if you can answer ‘yes’ to one or more of the following, it’s largely guaranteed that you’ll be much better off if you choose to outsource SEO services sooner rather than later:

Are You Distracted From the Core Focus of the Business?

Firstly, ask yourself whether your current approach to SEO has at any time made it necessary for you to spend time away from the duties more at the heart of your business. If so, chances are as time moves forward you’ll be doing this more and more, meaning that the earlier you look into outsourcing options, the quicker you’ll be able to steer operations in the right direction. You know your business best and third-party SEO providers know online marketing best – join forces and you could be unstoppable.

Is Your Ranking Position Slowly Getting Worse?

The whole point of SEO is to build a strong ranking, hold onto a strong ranking and, ideally, continue improving this ranking over time. By contrast, any slips in ranking represent the exact opposite of what you’re going for and thus a complete and total waste of time, money and effort. As such, if your efforts are not delivering the kinds of results you’d like then it’s just a case of common sense to reinvest that money in a third party SEO provider and that time in something more productive.

Do Google’s Continual Changes Confuse You?

Does the mention of a Google algorithm update put the fear of God into you, or maybe just confuse the living hell out of you? If the answer is yes to either, you’re treading on thin ice that could give way at any moment. Understanding and compensating for Google’s updates is fundamentally vital to ensure that any SEO efforts come to anything at all, so if this isn’t within your specialism you really need to side with someone who gets it.

Is Any of the Money You’re Spending on SEO Yielding Little or No Return?

And last up, it’s a simple case of looking how much money you are investing into your online marketing methods and evaluating whether or not every single penny is bringing something back. If not, it’s really worth looking elsewhere as the primary purpose of the very best SEO firms on the planet today is to make sure that every last penny spent is put to the best possible use and builds toward a healthy return. And if it doesn’t, a money-back guarantee should have you nicely covered anyway.

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