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To patch-up the loss during a disaster needs highly recommended and demanding technology to recover the businesses. Read more to know, how hosted PBX can do so?

Businesses loose huge capital and resources confronting the disastrous situation. Recovering the business loss and managing the resources in case of normal disasters could be comparatively easy in comparison to natural disasters. But cloud technology has the potential to offers those tactics that can help businesses to recover even from natural disasters.

Hosted PBX is one of those tactics that can help out business in recovering successfully from disasters. There are several ways in which hosted PBX could be helpful for quick business recovery from on-site disasters. Few ways are getting discussed here.

Complete Data Backup

When on-site phone systems collapse suddenly during a disaster then it is hosted PBX that can operate the on-site phone systems with the help of offsite servers. These offsite servers safely contain each and every data related to phone systems. Since, the offsite servers are located on multiple geographic locations, so the entire data storage remains secure in redundant forms. In case, if any location becomes the victim of disaster then the others will remain working as earlier. Hence, hosted PBX can never let the business down and it is sure that it could help in reducing the stress of entrepreneurs and business owners by recovering their businesses immediately.

Redirecting the Calls

It would be a daunting situation for an employee when a particular on-site device stops working suddenly and the employee is not able to operate the device. Hosted PBX presents a solution for these situations by redirecting the calls to or from that said device to a new device. Most of the hosted PBX service providers provide options to set up certain conventions that help them in connecting effortlessly and continue to work with a minimum interruption.

Management Outsourcing

Disastrous situations can ruin any onsite management system within a short period of time. And it is not so easy to recover the complete business management system with a blink of an eye. Every problem comes with its solution, similarly here. Outsourced management system can recover the complete management system rapidly. Hosted PBX service providers employ a team of IT and management experts for their customers.

Control Calls via Hosted PBX Web Portals

Hosted PBX can help the businesses in case of disastrous situation to forward the extensions to any other phone manually with the help of any computer or mobile device via web portal. All it needs an internet connection and to enter the phone number on the web portal to which the consumer wants to shift the calls. And again after recovering from the disaster, users can route back their calls to the same points and in the same manner.

Auto Attendant Call and Voice Mail System

No need to bother about whatever is going at the site, as auto attendant call and voice mail answering systems provided by the hosted PBX will take care of the business. No manpower is needed to answer the calls and write messages during the disaster.

All this is possible as the control switch for hosted PBX system is situated within certified data centers and it is completely equipped with a safe electronic fire inhibition system. Not only this much, hosted PBX control switch is provided with several protection systems including the power backup system and assorted internet connections to ensure continuous business operation.


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