Broadband TV

It is an exciting time to be a consumer of technology. As consumers today we should be aware of the increasing opportunities online.

Most of us already search for jobs online, if we don’t then we should. If we aren’t using eBay and Amazon on at Christmas, then we probably should. If we aren’t watching movies through a broadband then again we probably should.

The Internet has certainly changed consumer behaviour. We now spend more time online than ever before. The way in which we get online has also changed. We spend more time now than ever on our smartphones and tablet, as well as on our laptops and desktops.

UK broadband industry is now very advanced. It has come a long way since dial-up Internet about a decade ago. Nowadays, we have average broadband speeds of upwards of 15 Mb per second in the UK. We have more people able to get superfast fibre optic broadband as well. Mobile broadband has improved massively with the rollout of 4G connectivity. This currently only hits around 60% of UK consumers, but it will hit 99% in the next year or so.

It is an exciting time to be a consumer of technology.

In this article we will take a look at lots of the different broadband TV providers available.

Love Film Instant

Love Film Instant is a new service bolted onto the love film offering. Historically, the company would send DVDs in the post, and you drop DVDs back in the post to get back to them. It has been a subscription-based service.

The love film instant service is an online service. You can browse around 7 ½ thousand movies and access them for a monthly payment of £4.99. It is one of the biggest libraries of films and TV programmes available online.

The company also offers box office content which is a paid service.

In keeping with the terrific offering, the website is functional and user-friendly. It enables you to find films and TV programmes very easily and impresses a great deal. It is a pleasure moving around the website.

As with most websites and tools these days Love Film Instant has applications to be used on different devices. The love film instant service can be used on Macs and PCs kindles, iPods, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Wii, Smart TVs, Blu-ray players and digital boxes.

Now TV

Now TV has just around 600 films. Every week there are five new films to choose from. Now TV you can also get sky sports access through Now TV. Unfortunately, this offering doesn’t have TV series. So, if you are a Simpsons fan or love your Downton Abbey, this offering will probably not be for you. However, the films that come on our new and exciting. You will certainly find something to watch every week.

The service works on PCs and Macs, Android tablets and Xbox 360s. It costs £15 per month after an initial trial period.


Netflix is an American company. It had massive success in many countries around the world. They launched to Britain and Ireland fairly recently. The service is subscription-based. It costs £5.99 per month. They have a pretty incredible range of films and TV programmes. However, they do cost £1 more per month than love film instant. There are less options available than on love film instant, being a few thousand less to watch.

Netflix works on lots of platforms. You can use it on your Smart TV, your Xbox, PlayStation 3, Android devices, PCs and Macs, and iOS devices.

Picture Box

Picture Box is a service that costs £4.99 per month. There are films for just about every day of the month and it is a fresh offering. It works on desktop PCs and laptops, iPads and Smart TVs.


iTunes has literally tens of thousands of films. At last count it was somewhere around 45,000 films and 200,000 episodes from TV. Movies can either be rented or purchased. Rentals are from 99p to £3.49. Purchases cost between £7.99 and £13.99. It is one of the pricier of the services, however, it is one of the most comprehensive as well.

Know How Movies

This company offers rentals and purchases rather than subscriptions. When you rent you will pay between £1.99 and £4.99. Purchases cost somewhere between £1.99 and £12.99 depending on the content. Know how movies have upwards of 1000 titles to choose from, comprising both TV series and films.

Know How Movies works on Android devices, Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, laptops and desktops.

Google Play

The Google Play service has an ever-increasing number of titles. You can access it through the Google Play store. The service is accessible on android devices, PCs and Macs.

Google Play uses a rental model, with film starting from £1.49 going up to £3.49. They also sell films.

Google has incredible power in many domains in the technology world. Because of the dominance of Android, representing the number one operating system for mobile devices in the world, Google Play will continue to grow.

Ace Tracks

This company offers a rental service with movies starting from 99p and going all the way up to £3.49. They also sell movies from £6.99 up to £12.99. You can use the service on streaming media players, Blu-ray, PCs and Macs, Smart TVs and Android devices. Unfortunately, the service does not have any television programmes. However, it does have well over 1000 films.

Watching Films on Digital TV Services

Lots of digital TV services. Digital TV services from Virgin and Sky are getting better and better. The Sky Go service has loads of on demand movies to download. You can also watch the movies that are showing live on movie channels. It is a similar situation with both of the other main digital TV providers and also with Talk Talk. These days you can jump onto free services such as BBC iPlayer and ITV player in order to watch movies as well.

It is clear that watching movies online is an activity that is loved by UK and world consumers stop the Internet speeds that we have make the process much smoother.

There are so many opportunities to watch films these days that you can find just about any film you want.

It seems clear that the rental and purchase models are going out the window, as monthly subscription models are far more affordable.

Phil Turner didn’t realise how many different digital TV providers there were until he visited