Cloud Storage System

Traditionally, work created on a computer has been kept on hard storage methods: hard drive, disks, or in recent years, flash drives.

But as concerns about safety and efficiency, as well as affordability and technology, have increased, cloud storage has become more the norm. Cloud storage takes the same information that would usually be saved on the hard storage, and uploads it either to your own or a rented site server accessed by the internet.

Cloud storage has a limited amount of space and other features depending on the program being used, like the most widely familiar, Dropbox and Google Drive.

There are many reasons why using cloud storage is superior to old fashioned hard space, and these are ten of them:

1. Security:

Most companies that run server farms, where outside data is stored, almost always have much higher security protocols and backups than the average personal or company system. In addition, the company who owns the leased or rented servers does all maintenance and backup, as well as software updates, saving the renting company time and money.

2. Cooperative Work:

With a cloud system, any member of a team working on the same project can access the work and make necessary changes, even if they are not at the same physical location. This can be a huge savings for a company that has employees located across the country or even the world.

3. Convenience:

You can get into your files no matter where you are or what computer you are using, as long as you can access the internet.

4. Flexibility:

Virtual space is much easier to expand than physical space. As a company grows, so do its storage needs.

5. No Capital Outlay:

If you lease space from a professional company, there is no need to buy and set up your own server farm for storage.

6. Environmental Soundness:

It requires far less materials, energy, and in some instances, even personnel on site, to use cloud computing.

7. Back Ups:

Having information stored or backed up off site is often safer than keeping it in the company’s files, saving it from things like theft and natural disaster, fire, or other destruction.

8. It Can Allow a Small Company to Compete with a Much Larger One:

Especially when it comes to data recovery, if a small company uses the cloud to store data and a giant corporation doesn’t, the former can recover much more quickly than the latter.

9. Automatic Document Updating:

Many cloud storage programs offer syncing along with storage, so that changes made while working offline automatically upload to the online version once the computer is once again connected to the internet.

10. Saving Money:

All of these reasons for moving to the cloud storage system ultimately save the company who uses it money. From small amounts for everyday costs, to avoiding catastrophic loss; pennies to millions of pounds.

Cloud storage is the means of protecting, editing, and accessing data that is growing in popularity now, and will, no doubt, someday be the only means of storage as a result of the reasons above. No doubt technology will smooth out any small flaws that exist in current systems. Gone are rooms full of ancient hard drives and stacks of floppy disks — data in the future will only exist virtually.

Sally is a techie guru. She is the source of contact for lots of companies looking for solutionsin business. Sally recommends Concorde for those considering moving up to the Cloud storage system.