Project Management Apps

Whether working from home is a part of your contractual or habitual routine, it can be hard balancing both aspects in an organised and efficient way.

In response to a decrease in available time and increase in home working; the marketplace has been flooded with project management and time tracking applications.

As with all software it is often difficult to know which product is right for you prior to downloading or purchasing. Unfortunately this typically results in you using a sub-par solution and as a result not getting as much benefit from the tool.

We have put this article together for just this reason; hopefully by highlighting some lesser known tool you will be able to make a more calculated and ultimately productive decision.

Project Management for a Project Manager

Subernova – “Puts control back into your business.”
It is safe to say that Subernova is a serious app for serious project management needs. The good news is that it also has a pretty interface – refreshing since so many apps targeted at experienced users seem to provide lots of functionality at the expense of usability features.

Subernova houses a huge spectrum of facilities that are not always found in project management apps. As well as basic project management facilities like Gantt Charts, it also includes invoicing features, payment via PayPal, automatic payment reminders, email scheduling and more.

At $19 per month or $199 per year, it is quite competitively priced and makes it an affordable option for people with varied but in-depth project management needs.

Project Management for the Organised One

Asana – “Teamwork without email.”
Asana is a great project management tool that can be used for both personal and work related projects. As long as your ‘team’ – that is the people assigned to a project is within 15 people, Asana is free to use and, is compatible with both iOS and Android.

It is easy to use and makes the management of multiple projects simple. The facility to structure like simple task lists or more task driven projects enables flexibility in both how it is used and, its types of uses.

The only real perceivable disadvantage is that it is an online app, so without Internet access, it cannot be used. But with its well-designed interface, fluid operation and team driven operation, it is a great all-rounder for light project management needs but heavy organisational requirements.

Time Tracking for the Meticulous One

Evernote – “Remember Everything”
Evernote web app is a difficult one to pin to a specific category, but I have placed it within the time tracking section instead of project management because it is more a means to get organised rather than to manage people, resources against time and tasks. Although having said that; it can be used across teams but its notebook style system in my opinion, removes it from being a good project management solution.

Essentially Evernote is an automated notebook – a Filofax that supports digital media (you can upload text, videos, voice notes etc.), if you will and most people can find everything they need in the free version. The premium version offers facilities for heavy usage like more storage space and offline access.

Time Tracking for the Casual (but aspirational) One

Clear for iPhone – “Life is messy. Keep it together with Clear…”
As the name reveals, a foreseeable disadvantage for this app is that it is designed for the iPhone, however since such a large proportion of the population own one, it is worth taking a look at.

The most complimentary thing to come out of the many reviews for this app is that its user interface is very simple to use. In usual Apple style, the design is intuitive both aesthetically and usability wise.

In essence it is a fancy To Do list. However although it came from the humble beginnings of being able to see only single lists, you can now create a ‘master list’ that can span across home and work, for example, and when selected, its associated task lists are displayed.

Project management can be a big word and imply complexity. However, projects are by nature as complicated and large as you make them. The key is knowing the level of detail you and your team need in order to ensure completion. Knowing your specific requirements will help you segment the app market and hopefully result in you finding on which helps you work and live far more efficiently.

This article was written by Nick Williams. Nick is a training assistant at Acuity Training, who are a hands-on training company based in Guildford, UK. Acuity provides time management training as well as multiple Excel courses