Business Mobile Apps

People are always on the lookout for novel apps to enhance efficiency in their professional and personal spheres. Here’s some of the best mobile apps for you.

Anyone who has a Smartphone in their possession knows the value of mobile apps and is, therefore, always on a lookout for novel apps in the market that can further enhance efficiency in professional as well as personal spheres, even while on the move. This is one reason why there are 100s of 1000s of business apps out there. To get things done efficiently, especially when you are not at your desk, you need to equip your mobile with powerful mobile apps that allow you to be in control of your business and stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues even when you are traveling.

How to Choose the Right App?

There are millions of mobile apps available in the app market, and their numbers are constantly increasing. So, how does one go about locating the right apps? Well, the first thing to do is to decide on your primary requirement. For example, a businessman or professional mainly looks for apps that augment his or her workplace efficiency, making the job easier while on the move. A student may look for apps that are helpful in academic activities.  And everyone is looking for a great entertainment app. Here we discuss some must-have business apps.

Business Apps Categories

Apps facilitating business activities are many. Some important ones that any businessman must have are:

  • Business utility apps. When you are on the move, these apps help you to carry out your business more efficiently and effectively. For example: a mobile word processing app to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets – of course, using Google Docs can work as well; a notebook app that will turn your mobile into a digital notebook where you can scribble notes and draw diagrams and pictures for retrieval later; an email-to-fax app that allows you to send and receive faxes to/from physical fax devices; an app to upload business cards into your mobile as contacts that can later be added as connections on LinkedIn, and more.
  • Content apps. These apps allow you to stay in touch with business, political, and other news from all across the world, even when you are traveling in some remote areas. Staying connected can help professionals like stock market traders, journalists, business owners, and more.
  • Communication apps. Such apps allow you to stay connected to your business associates, employees, and clients wherever you may be. They allow you to talk, video chat, text, or connect on social networking sites with people in the business world. You need the Internet to work these apps, however, and therefore these may not be of much use when you are in a no-Internet zone.
  • Travel apps. These apps are of great help during business trips as they can facilitate hotel bookings, travel arrangements, finding new places, etc.
  • Calendar and to-do apps. They help you organize various activities on your agenda.
  • Finance apps. They can help you keep track of your expenses, make financial transactions, access your bank account, etc.

These are some of the must-have business apps, the list of which is almost endless. You can choose more of such apps according to your requirements, or even get an app custom-created by hiring a freelance programmer.

Author BIO:

Michael R. Threadgill, currently living in Seattle, WA, is a  cloud enthusiast. He makes use of the cloud in everything from faxing online with Max Email to using and saving documents on Microsoft’s SkyDrive.