App Development

The app market is growing fast and there are a lot of success stories out there. Getting into the industry is relatively simple and the opportunities are available for everyone.

You can find help and guides to programming and developing your app online for free. Developing an app can be a fun experience and here are some of the biggest do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when you are getting started.

Don’ts Of App Development

Although app development is accessible for everyone it doesn’t mean that it is something simple to do. Here are some of the biggest things you must avoid when you are getting into app development.

Don’t make the UI too complicated. For tablets and smartphones the usability of UI is really essential. Although you might have a lot of great ideas it is still best to try to keep your design simple.

Don’t make your idea too complicated. The above also means that the overall idea of your app should be simple. It is best to get started by focusing on few simple functions for the app. So don’t try to keep including different functions to the point that they become more of a complication than an advantage for your app.

Don’t forget about security when you are developing your app. Information Week has some simple tips on improving the security of your app. Security is important because it is crucial to keep your customers protected and ensure people trust your app.

Don’t think you will make money with your app in an instant. Although you are probably looking to earn a bit with your app it isn’t all that simple to make money with them. You have to do a lot of research into the monetisation of apps in order to succeed and even in the best-case scenario it’ll take some time.

Do’s Of App Development

Now that you know some of the pitfalls that you need to avoid you can find out more about the things that you should do. Here are some of the key things to keep in mind.

Do develop a clear purpose for your app. As mentioned above you want your app to be simple and solve a clear problem. This also requires you to do some appropriate market research to ensure you know exactly what the target audience wants from your app.

Do be wary of the way people will be spending money through your app. A lot of apps use unethical ways of asking for money and can even trick people into spending money. This is especially important point to keep in mind when you are developing apps for children.

Do think about cross-platform development. There are a lot of good tools that allow you to make the transition in a very simple way. Check out the tools for cross-platform development from companies such as Marmalade.

Do make use of the various online guides that are available for you. The internet is full of free online tutorials that can really help you in building a great app and you should take use of these as much as possible.

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