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Modern web stands on several major technologies – HTML for page structures, CSS – for styling and visual design, JavaScript and PHP – for interactivity and functionality of web-services.

While PHP code is server-side scripting, used in major cases for data management, you can do a lot inside the visitors’ browser with the help of JavaScript, especially when the point is about animation, special visual effects or content manipulation.

When the web-master build the web site, he uses convenient and helpful tools, just as the cook uses sharp knifes at restaurant kitchen. Such knife, even Swiss-knife for web development, is the modern IDE CodeLobster PHP Edition. IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment, and that means, that it provides all the useful stuff for full-featured development process.

For those of you, JavaScript masters reading this blog, this program can be very interesting and helpful because of powerful assistance of autocomplete function, which handles easily with classes and DOM-elements autosuggestions. JQuery support is also presented. In addition, you can use context help, which can be manually setup for using three sources at a time. Moreover, we must mention the Class View window, which represent full class structure of your project, provided by build-in code parser. Last, but not least is that all the JavaScript functionality is available totally free, while several advanced features for PHP or HTML-editing require some money to be spent.

Some major functions, concerning other technologies:

• code syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, SQL and PHP;
• auto-suggestions for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, SQL and PHP;
• dynamic and context-sensitive help for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, SQL and PHP;
• PHP parser and debugger;
• automatic syntax verification;
• code folding;
• HTML/CSS inspector like Firebug;
• Zen coding support;
• multi tabs for different files;
• FTP support;
• DB management support;
• popular CMSs and frameworks support: Drupal, Joomla, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii, WordPress and Smarty;
• and much more.

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