Social Media for Businesses

Social Media gives you a chance to stay up to date with the communication shared by companies and people that matter to you. It provides an opportunity to share something that inspires you and will help someone else.

Jobseekers must understand how employers and hiring managers are using Social Media in recruiting process. More than 80% of employers are using social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, which helps them browse your profile and evaluate your work experience as well as to know more about you professionally. It also helps the employers to understand whether the candidate is good fit for the company and its work culture. It helps the employers to get the background information of the jobseekers, their skills and creativeness and sometimes references posted on candidate’s profile help employers to judge.

Social Media provides an opportunity and privilege to jobseekers to exchange their knowledge and opinions worldwide by participating in conversations. Social Media has changed the way we interact, it allows you to interact with far more people. These interactions have made world smaller since, you can interact from anywhere.

In a professional setting, Social Media is mainly used for professional reasons for networking. Networking is a powerful tool in your job search journey. Job seekers can network with lot ofpeople; they can reach easily to hiring managers, HR staff and management through network. Jobseekers can go online and easily find out the company’s profile and views and comments of current and ex-employees and then decide whether to opt for job or not. It is also advisable for jobseekers to periodically update and keep the same profile information on different networking sites. Information about job background and accomplishment should be consistent in all other social networking sites. Many surveys have shown that sometimes the employers will not only visit their LinkedIn profile but also check Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites just to verify that content is similar on each Social Media sites.

Social Media gives a chance to both employers and jobseekers to be active on job hunt and thus saving time and money. It is also advisable to use Social Media as a way you want to be seen and heard.

If you are looking for a job, try our search engine Trovit Jobs ( and don’t forget to keep an eye on the information you want employers to see about you! Social media can be used for personal and leisure matters but it will always be an opened door to recruiters, and who knows, your next job opportunity.

Puja Mishra
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