Childproof Tablet

In this day and age where technology has practically taken over, parents are definitely under additional pressure from their children to buy them the newest gadgets that are released.

However, with all the negative impact that is said to come from full exposure to the internet and technology, how can you customise these products to become child friendly?

Today we will be looking at how you can customise a Tablet so that it’s safe for your child. Let’s get to it.

Tweaking the Restrictions and Privacy Settings

Tweaking the device’s restriction and privacy settings will help you to monitor what your child is able to view. These settings will allow you to filter the apps and content that your child gets access to using the criteria that you set.

Be sure to consider your child’s age and level of responsibility when customising these settings. Luckily, on most applications and devices the procedure is the same. Simply follow these easy steps:

1. Find and Select Settings

2. Go to General

3. Then Restrictions

4. Ensure that the restrictions feature is enabled; if it’s not then you may be required to enter a password to enable it and will need this same code to change settings hereafter.

5. Restrict any feature, application or content that you would rather your child not be exposed to.

6. Save and Exit. You’re done!

Use Browsers that are Child Friendly

There are a variety of browsers available in app stores that are in no way child friendly. Such browsers do not enable you to filter or restrict mature content. These are not recommended for your child, especially if they are at a tender age.

What is recommended is that you search your app store for browsers that have been tested and labeled child-friendly. Here is one such browser that you can look into yourself:

K9 Web Protection Browser: This is a free browser app that automatically restricts adult content and potentially harmful websites from your device. This may include malicious websites, suspicious or illegal websites, as well as any website that discusses topics that are better handled as a parent to child conversation.

Talk to Your Children

Before you jump and hand over the Tablet to your child, it is highly recommended that you sit your child down and explain to them the importance of internet safety and privacy, as well as how to properly care for the device. That way they will be able to fully understand the level of responsibility in owning the device and monitoring its usage.

Ensure that they know the door is always open if they feel the need to discuss something they saw on the device or something that happened over the internet. Altering the restrictions and privacy settings can only go so far in protecting your child, you must ensure that your child understands what is required of them and that you are constantly monitoring what your child is doing. At the same time, you have to create a balance, whereby your child understands that there exists a level of trust.

Author BIO: Sara Smith is an older sister to five siblings and a mother of seven. Being an IT consultant, she understands very well how beneficial technology can be if used properly and how dangerous it can be of not properly monitored.