Hybrid Cloud

Although ‘the cloud’ is a universal expression that involves a large number of connected through a real time communication network, it can be split down into three separate clouds; Public, Private and Hybrid.

The Public Cloud, like the UK’s very ‘The Cloud’, is called a ‘Public cloud’ when the services are rendered over a network that is open for public use and is currently being used by 39% of people using the cloud. 34% are using the Private Cloud, which is mainly used by businesses so share work and workloads between employees. Finally there is the Hybrid, currently used by 27% which is the best of both clouds, Hybrid cloud provides the flexibility of in house applications with the fault tolerance and scalability of cloud based services.

In 5 years’ time however this will not be the case, with both the Public cloud and the Private cloud expected to decline to 32% and 25% respectively and the Hybrid cloud to rise to 43%, due to the majority of people needing to have both the best aspects of both the public and private clouds.

As the hybrid cloud comes ever more popular, concerns turn to security and price with security expected to drop from 55% to 46% and price to increase to 28% from 20%….oh well you can’t have everything! Good quality costs!

For more interesting facts check out the Infographic.

Data and graphic by CWCS Managed Hosting

Hybrid Cloud Infographic

The Future of the Cloud: Infographic by CWCS Managed Hosting