Video GamersEvery gamer is familiar with the stereotypes surrounding people who play video games.

Regardless of your age and gender, there is a good chance that you have been stereotyped because of your interest in gaming. Or maybe you are not a gamer yourself but have preconceived notions of who gamers are.

Either way, it is time to debunk some of the stereotypes that plague the gaming community.

Stereotype #1: Gamers Are Unattractive

Mention that you are a gamer when you are not in a face-to-face conversation, and people assume that you are overweight, covered in acne and have the general appearance of a cave dweller. Check out a video game convention to see proof that this is not true. People of all types enjoy video games, including some of the most drool-worthy individuals imaginable.

Stereotype #2: Gamers Have Violent Tendencies

Whenever a tragedy occurs, especially a violent crime involving kids or teens, people are quick to place blame on the media for glorifying violence. Video games have become an especially popular target due to the violent nature of many hit titles. The truth, though, is that teenage crime has steadily decreased in the past 30 years despite the emergence of video games during that time.

Stereotype #3: Gamers Have No Life

Mention that you are a gamer, and there is a good chance that people assume that you spend hours upon hours locked in your basement playing video games and doing nothing else. Sure, most have picked up a new game and played it for hours to beat it in one sitting, but it is not a daily occurrence. The vast majority of gamers have completely normal lives; gaming is just a hobby like golf or knitting. Besides, how would gamers pay for $60 games without lucrative jobs?

Stereotype #4: Gamers Lack Social Skills

The lack of social skills goes hand-in-hand with the belief that gamers have no life. Many people assume that video game lovers spend so much time locked away playing games that they never socialize with other people. In addition to going out with friends and spending time with family just like everyone else, gamers are part of a tight-knit community where they build strong bonds with fellow gamers. Some gamers are shy, but there are parties and social get-togethers are most every gaming event.

Stereotype #5: Gamers Are All Teenage boys and Single Men

This is one of the biggest stereotypes out there. Countless people associate gaming exclusively with teenage boys and single men in their forties living in their moms’ basements. The truth is, the gaming community is made up of people from every demographic – male, female, teen, adult, married and single. People from all races and social backgrounds play games. If you attend a video game convention or even a release event for a highly anticipated game, you will see people from all walks of life in attendance.

The stereotypes surrounding gamers are numerous. While there are some people who fit them perfectly, the majority do not. Gamers are all unique, and together, they make up a community of people from all demographics who share a common interest in video games. Before you make an assumption about someone who plays games, take the time to learn about the person behind the controller.

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