Lexibook Junior TabletChoosing a tablet as a present for your kid? Excellent idea!

A tablet is great to do loads of things on the move. Your kid will appreciate a new world of creative activities and hobbies to enjoy either alone or with friends.

1. Lexibook Junior Tablet

This is a marvelous gadget to educate your kids by stealth. The School Zone apps cover a vast educational content of school curriculum. The Power Academy app contains miscellaneous tests and fun quizzes to broaden kids’ knowledge on Math, English, History, and Geography. Also there are several hundred e-books for kids pre-loaded and sorted out by categories. The 15-language translator is perfect help in language mastering. Besides there are 52 do-it-yourself activities to any taste starting from scientific experiments and food recipes to drawing and coloring.

Your kids will love the tablet’s gaming platform with 25 pre-installed games and access to plenty of downloadable games. Fantastic multimedia content and direct access to Spotify music resource add to the tablet’s benefits. Furthermore, a double headphone input enables two kids listen to music together. The tablet supports most video formats so that kids can enjoy videos and cartoons. There is a camera and photo editing app, built-in high speed Wi-Fi, long-life rechargeable battery and a choice of optional accessories like a mini-keyboard, mini USB-speakers, stylus, etc.

2. LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Disney Princess Bundle

Kid-friendly and highly educational, this device is appropriate for kids aged from 3 to 9. It provides access to over 325 interactive educational books specifically designed to instill the joy of reading. Moreover there is an automatic adjustment of reading levels to the kid’s evolving skills of reading. The Ultra eBook expands vocabulary and develops comprehension skills with innovative activities. Your kid touches an image and it is highlighted in the text, the kid touches a word and its image appears, it is sounded out or its definition comes out. Besides, there is variety of educational videos, games, and apps. The tablet trains 2500 skills in science, math, geography, reading, language, health, etc. in a fun and interactive way. The kids are kept engaged in the learning process by animated characters. The tablet features front and back cameras, a stylus, stylish protective carrying case, two sticker sheets, and seven Disney Princess wallpapers.

3. VTech InnoTab 3 The Learning App Tablet

With this tablet kids learn easily without even realizing it. Your kid will be engaged in reading interactive e-books with vivid graphics, character voices and story narration. Each e-book has a vocabulary to help reading comprehension. The InnoTab 3 developmental learning tool grows with your kid making learning fun. The tablet is compact and lightweight, has a camera, two styluses, a microphone to talk, 4.3-inch color touch screen and an on-screen keypad for kids to draw pictures, take notes, use a calculator, calendar or other built-in utilities. Furthermore you can personalize the tablet to four users choosing different user names, avatars, wallpapers, voice and typed greetings.

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