Samsung Galaxy GearOf all the next technological devices to have been launched over the last few years, not many have received as much attention as Samsung’s new Galaxy Gear.

What sets the Galaxy Gear apart from the pack, of course, is that it isn’t a smartphone or a tablet – it’s a smartwatch.

The device was officially unveiled by Samsung head honcho JK Shin at the IFA 2013 trade show, and will be released in more than 100 countries around the world on September 25.

However, tech fans in the US and Japan will have to wait until October before they can get their hands on the Galaxy Gear – or, more to the point, before they can get their Galaxy Gear around their wrist. So what does the Galaxy Gear have to offer, and is it really all it’s being cracked up to be?

What the Galaxy Gear has to offer

Powered by the most up-to-date version of Android 4.3, the Galaxy Gear boasts a range of neat features to keep even the pickiest geek entertained – at least for a while. It comes with a whole host of popular apps, including Runkeeper, Path and Evernote, and of course will allow users to answer phone calls and record videos. The device will also come in a variety of different colors – such as Mocha Gray, Wild Orange, Jet Black and Rose Gold – so style-conscious tech enthusiasts should no doubt find a shade which suits them.

It’s worth remembering, though, that although users will be able to receive calls to their Galaxy Gear, they won’t be able to make outgoing calls – so it seems that at this stage, the device is really intended primarily as a companion to your smartphone, to which it’ll be able to connect via near-field communication and Bluetooth, rather than a replacement for it. The Galaxy Gear will, however, provide access to the internet.

Will smartwatches catch on?

It’s impossible to say at this stage, of course, just what sort of commercial reception the Galaxy Gear is likely to receive. It might have received a lot of hype in the technology-oriented sections of the media, but it should go without saying that this doesn’t automatically translate into big sales. Nevertheless, by beating its rivals to the punch, it is possible that Samsung has gleaned a crucial advantage over competitors.

There are a number of smartwatch devices which are either in production or are rumored to be in production. After all, many pundits are suggesting that wearable tech could be the next big thing – so it’s perhaps not surprising that some of the tech industry’s biggest players are sniffing around. In particular, Apple is reportedly considering launching its own smartwatch, with Bloomberg reporting that the firm has around 100 designers working on a new device. In June, meanwhile, Sony unveiled its Smartwatch 2 – although it declined to provide any information on price or release date.

Again, the likelihood that we can expect other smartwatches to follow in the wake of the Galaxy Gear doesn’t necessarily mean that these devices will find mainstream acceptance – but it does perhaps offer a tantalizing glimpse of what we can expect over the next couple of years at least.

Learn more about it an interesting little gadget in video below:

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