3D Printers

Recently there seems to be a lot of excitement building around the things that can be done with 3D printers.

Today, it is possible to make just about anything using a 3D printer, from ceramic cups to fancy chocolate cakes, metal machine parts, plastic toys, or stoneware vases. We took a good look on 5 cool things that most of us would print themselfes if we had a 3d printer at home:

1. Camera And Lens

By spending merely $30 in parts and waiting for 15 hours, a fully-functional SLR camera can be printed using a 3D printer. As long as you have the instructions, the camera can be assembled in merely an hour. The camera will be compatible with all photographic lenses and you will be able to take quality photos with it. However, you can also print a lens for the camera using the 3D printer. While the picture quality may not be great, the effects can be really cool.

2. Cell Phone Amplifiers

Many cell phone users are not actually fans of the sound quality of the built in speaker of their cell phone. The sound quality is never good enough when it comes to listening to music, other than in dire situations, such as during power outages or while overnight camping. However, that can be changed with amplification, and it is even more convenient when the amplifier is 3D printed. Anything from a more directed amplifier to a classy megaphone can be printed using a 3D printer.

3. Gun

Defense Distributed, a non-profit organization, were the first to print a fully functional 3D printed firearm, the Liberator .380 pistol. After sharing the download files needed to print the gun, which remained available for download for 5 days, they were requested by the U.S. Department of State to remove the files. However, that did not stop the files from being shared online on torrent sites, and if you frequently download torrent files, then you could print your very own 3D gun.

4. Gliders & R/C Planes

In the age of 3D printers, using printer paper to make paper airplanes is just out of date. Now actual gliders can be printed using 3D printers and you can enjoy giving them a whirl in an open field. Much like a glider you would buy, these 3D printed gliders will blow you away with their dramatic loops and incredible distance. If you want something with a bit more flying power, even R/C sailplanes and quadcopters can be printed using 3D printers.

5. Musical Instruments

3D printed musical instruments may not have exactly professional quality, but the fact that 3D printers can be used to print them is quite astounding. So far, flutes, guitars and violins can be printed using 3D printers, but in the near future, you would probably be able to print more intricate musical instruments as well. Most notably, if you are an avid guitarist, you can 3D print a replica guitar of your favorite guitarist.

The fact that all kinds of everyday objects can be produced with them using different materials has made them quite remarkable. Instead of using ink and toner cartridges like a Xerox copier that is used in most offices, 3D printers build objects layer by layer out materials like gooey plastic. The possibilities of what you can do using a 3D printer are endless and continue to expend with each passing day.