office mobile iphoneMicrosoft Office for iOS has launched, people can use Office right away their iPhones or iPads. Whether want or not want to use this app, you cannot deny the popularity of Microsoft Officein daily life. Anyway, let talk moreabout this app on my iPhone.

A few weeks ago, I started learning Microsoft’s new app for iOS and realized something new. This app could be a nice addition choice for your current Office job but you will not need this app in reality, it notparticularly good to worth your 100 bucks actually. In addition, it lacksof more and more features compared with the desktop version app.

To clarify something, I would say that Office Mobile for iPhone just an app provides access to the three main features of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Word and Excel allows you to create and edit documents while PowerPoint exists as a tool to view PowerPoint documents. Besides of that you can change the text in your PowerPoint file to a different way and use it as a tool to present.

To use this app, you have to access to your SkyDrive account (a cloud service like Dropbox) to synchronize files across all your devices. SkyDrive is a part of Microsoft Office 365 with costs range from $100 -120 per year depending on your need. Office 365 comes with a copy of the desktop with latest version of Office then you can employ the online version of Microsoft Office Suite too.


office-iphoneAs a tool for text processing on your iPhone, Word is the best although it lacks of various features. There are twooptions for you to choose from this tool: Preview mode and edit mode.

– Preview mode: You can select and copy the text and leave comments right in your documents.

– Edit mode: You can edit your documents with some basic features such as change format, highlight texts, font color.


Office Mobile for iPhone ExcelNot good enough to call is aperfect tool, but Excel on the iPhone is the best Excel app ever. However, you may also get frustrated with it sometimes because the small screen of the iPhone. Nevertheless, Excel again works pretty well on the iPhone.

This app provides more than 100 functions, less than Office desktop version, but it can fit the needs of most users.


PowerPoint offers smallest amount of features within three tools we have. It just has a view mode with some small editing capabilities. You only can change the text and nothing else.

I have plugged my iPhone into the television to see how it workthen fortunately, it works very well.


– Microsoft Office on your iPhone, quickly and smoothly.

– Less error.

– High efficiency.


– Request a subscription to Office 365.

– Cannot get .xls, .doc, and .ppt file type on this app.

– Non-standard editing interface.


Office Mobile for iPhoneWhile Office for iPhone could provide a bit of value to some users, but the fact that most users will see no benefit from this app. Office 365 is required for application using, the user interface and features are extremely poor. Office for iPhone should only use once it is necessary for your daily life.

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