hotelIt has been quite a very short period of time that the mobile phones technology has drastically changed how almost everyone do things.

With the procession of mobile phones people are able to have limitless access to almost everything hence enhancing the rapid transformation of the world into the popularly known ‘global village’. Mobile phones technology has greatly affected the social, political, cultural and economic sectors within the world economy hence resulting to change in the ways things are done. The hotel and hospitality industry is not an exemption as its has experienced considerable change resulting from the mobile phone technology. One of the mobile phone technology has done is to enhance the efficiency with which the hotel interacts with its guests and vice versa.

Mobile phone technology is also changing the way the hotel meeting planners and those in charge of marketing are performing their day to day tasks. Here is how; the event planners and marketing and sales personnel are able to always have with them all the information in relation to meetings or special promotions in their hotels on their personal mobile phones. Emergency meetings in case of a crisis can be held quickly, this can be made possible by the quick disbursement of the information about the meeting to all the relevant stakeholders irrespective of where they might be hence saving a lot of time and consequently problems get solutions as early as possible hence leading less confusion and better service delivery to customers.

#1 The currency-

A number of Mobile developers, companies offering credit card and banks are in the process of creating a mobile wallet where you can pay for a hotel room, the transaction is then immediately delivered to the hotel. This development will also allow people to select the credit card they may prefer using. The mobile wallet will eliminate the need to carry separate cash.

#2 Keys for the hotel rooms-

This is whereby the hotel sends an encrypted signal to the mobile phone device of the guest, this allows the guests to use his or her cell phone as a key. The encrypted signals are different to each other to enhance security.

#3 Elimination of In-Room phones-

The mobile phone technology will greatly reduce the use of in room phones. The hotels are in the process of finding ways in which guests can be sending emergency information to the front desk such as by using an intercom or a text message.

#4 Room service-

The locator in the mobile phone device will enable the room service provider to locate where you are thus he or she is able to deliver your order to you anywhere around the hotel, hence the need to stay in the room for long hours waiting for service is eliminated.

#5 Front desk attendant-

The front desk attendant position could be of no more use if the hotels adapt to the system of sending the bills to the guests through email and guests getting used to using their cell phones as key to their rooms.

#6 Elimination of hotel promotional materials that are printed-

By using their cell phones guests can scan a QR code and get informed about the current affairs of the hotel.

#7 Elimination of in- room alarm clocks-

The mobile phone devices are fitted with alarm clocks hence there will be no need for in room alarm clocks to wake you up.

#8 In room entertainment-

Hotels are drastically lowering the amount of money they invest in in-room entertainment as guests prefer using their mobile phone devices to watch movies or play games.

#9 Power cords-

The technology of wireless charging is highly getting its way through allowing people to charge their cell phones without the wired mobile phone chargers, power cords in the hotel will likely to be of no use in the near future.

#10 Concierge desk-

Virtual concierges available in hotels will enable the guest to communicate with the hotel concierge to ask questions or make requests to them through the mobile phone device without necessarily having to meet them physically.

Author bio:This post has been written by Anne Smith. She loves to write about Technology and Hospitality. She recommends for helping to select Hotels on the basis of guest review in Prague.