basic camera accessoriesThis article gives a list of the basic camera accessories that photographers would not want to find themselves without.

While one can be easily swayed by the variety of fancy camera accessories in the market today, there still are a number of basic accessories that you should not forget about. This article gives a list of the basic camera accessories that photographers would not want to find themselves without:

Camera Bag

A camera bag keeps your camera safe while it is in use or when it is stored. The camera bag protects your camera from dust particles and other elements, particularly when being used outdoors. You can find several different types of bags, depending on your needs and the size of the camera.

Screen Protector

The screen of is a very sensitive component of your camera. If it gets scratched, you will have to invest in a new one, and they can be quite expensive. A screen protector will ensure the safety of your screen and what’s more, they are cheap and can be easily replaced.

Lens Cloth

A lens cloth is a very essential accessory. The smallest flecks of dust or dirt on the camera lens can compromise the quality of the photographs. Having a lens cloth, however, will enable you address this problem. Use it to wipe your lens before taking any photograph.


If you intend to do some landscape photography, slow shutter or macro photography, you will need a tripod for you to capture are blur-free and straight images. The tripod gives the photographer a steady base for the camera and allows you to take images from many different angles.

Memory Card

A memory card is another camera accessory that ought to be on your checklist. The memory card will help you store all your photographs without having to delete them from time to time. Different cameras use different memory cards so ensure that you check what type is compatible with your camera before going out to buy. In addition, go for those with higher storage space, for example 32 gigabytes or 64 gigabytes, if you are going to take high resolution images.

Memory Card Reader

To transfer your photographs from the memory card to a computer, you will require a memory card reader. Today, most computers come with SD card slots, but if the software formatting is different, you will require a multi card reader to transfer your files.

A Camera Strap

A camera strap is a simple but very useful accessory. It helps to stop the risk of the camera dropping and getting damaged.

Spare Batteries

Spare batteries come in handy when you are out on the road and your camera’s batteries lose power. If your camera can take AA batteries, go for the rechargeable ones to cut down on costs.


If you want to avoid the trouble of making trips to the photo printer, you should then consider purchasing your own printer. Printers are quite cheap these days and having one can save you a lot of money. Read printer reviews online to find the best quality model for your photographs.

A professional Guide Book

If you are a rookie photographer, or are still not sure of how to get the best out of your camera, you should consider getting an instruction book that gives more details than the seller’s manual. There are several independent photography guides and manuals in the market and you can easily get one that suits your needs and goals.

DVD Guides

Sometimes, the most effective way of learning about the various components of your camera is through video tutorials. These video tutorials can be easily obtained online and there is at least one for every camera model.


If you are an owner of a DSLR, you will most certainly need to have filters at your disposal. Filters give you a more balanced exposure when capturing landscape images.

Image Management Software

Image management software helps you to modify and manipulate your images after you have taken them. Some of them, such as Photoshop, may be relatively expensive but you will get a lot of amazing features from them. You may also use free ones such as, GIMP, and get access several amazing features. A quick internet search will give you dozens of software options.


Note that these are just the most basic camera accessories that a photographer would need. Today, you can find dozens of fancy of accessories that can make your photography experience more fulfilling.

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