Best Mobile PhonesFor tech savvy phone lovers 2013 has been quite a treat.

Ranging from the waterproof Sony phones to the ultra-light sleek iPhone, there has been innovation which kept everyone dwelled into what’s coming up next.

Masters of the industry are busy doing excellent research and innovative products just to keep the competition bar raised high and match the need of loyal clients. So, are you hungry for the 2014 sneak peak on phones? Then this is definitely the right place to be. It’s mesmerizing how smart phones have taken up the industry by storm and seeing the little additions and subtractions in the phones overtime makes it even more interesting.

Read on and find out about the most awaited upcoming phones for 2014:

1) Sony Xperia ZU-

Just when many assumed that the last Sony Xperia was just the kind of smart phone which many were looking forward to, the glitches on the touch screen and issues sort of derailed fans. A little perspiration due to it has actually turned out Sony to enter back blazing with a smart phone that is bound to beat others sorely. It is being predicted that the Sony Xperia ZU is going to be one of the best and toughest smart phones out of the lot. Intermediate size and 6.4 inch screen along with a 64 GM micro card, 16 GB storage and 2 GB RAM, this one is bound to top the charts of 2014 smart phones.

Sony Xperia ZU

2) HTC Mini M4-

Renaming the gadget is contrary to what actually the HTC will be offering. Word has it that the HTC Mini M4 is a sister of the HTC One, meaning that many features are similar to the first version. HTC loyal fans may be in for some treat as the product has been reprised and bought under the reach of consumers. Yes it means the HTC Mini M4 body would be different as the functions will remain almost the same with no significant changes but the price has been slashed so a greater number of people may manage to lay hands on the phone.

3) Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom-

Zoom, in the name is a given in its own. Of course, Samsung is bringing to its consumers a smart phone that is convertible to none other than a camera. As good as it can be for internet users it’s a little small. Since its two things in one, the consumer is bound to compromise on size and weight when opting with this model.

Galaxy S4 Zoom

4) IPhone 5S-

Analysing and re-analysing what the father of creativity in phone brands would be up to for 2014 has led to the assumption of inculcating iOS7 with the iPhone 5S series. Apple lovers are actually the unmovable, unshakeable loyalists who would not be ready to let go even if the innovation bar goes slightly down. Therefore, with the love in focus, the iPhone 5S would be sporting the retina plus sharp IGZO display with almost the same size as the last one.

5) Samsung Galaxy Note 3-

Where adventure driven folks were found to use the Galaxy note for personal and professional use, it became quite a success nonetheless. Just like the client base has increased with the next version of the Samsung phones, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to increase. It will be the android holder and will be getting a 6.3 inches screen making the note 3 work like a real notebook.

Top 5 BEST Smartphones For 2013

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