Car GadgetsAmong the many options available to drivers, there are 5 in particular that make driving a bit easier and more enjoyable for everyone on the road.

Whether it’s a decades-old longing for the flying car or simply the desire to do less work in order to drive more safely, drivers often dream of future technologies and look to supplement their existing vehicle with new gadgets after purchase. This is understandable, especially with such an accelerated rate of innovation both in the high-tech world at large and within the automotive industry specifically. Among the many options available to drivers, there are 5 in particular that make driving a bit easier and more enjoyable for everyone on the road.

1. Adaptive Cruise Control

Available as either a factory-installed feature or an aftermarket improvement, adaptive cruise control actually uses radar systems to determine how far away a driver is from the car in front of them. If the driver gets too close to that vehicle, the system lowers the car’s speed without shutting off the cruise control entirely. If the car can stand to speed up a bit in order to keep up with traffic, these systems will also slightly increase the speed without affecting driver safety on the highway.

These adaptive systems are a great way to relieve the annoying “feature” that comes with most cars: Simply turning off the cruise control or hitting the brake when a car in front unexpectedly slows down and throws a wrench into the commute.

2. Keyless Ignition

Available as an add-on at the time of purchase for many of today’s most popular cars, keyless ignition is easily the way to go in order to future-proof a car as much as possible. In lieu of a traditional key, the keyless ignition feature relies on a tiny radio connection between the car and a key fob on the driver’s keychain. When the driver is in the car, and the fob is close by, the car can be started at the press of a button without so much as inserting the key anywhere into the ignition.
These fobs almost always come with button-free unlocking of the car as well, allowing the car to automatically lock or unlock itself based on the proximity of the driver. That’s the very definition of convenience.

3. Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics

Ever wanted to know what the car’s on-board computer is thinking? Has an illuminated dashboard light ever clashed with reality and caused alarm for no reason? With the assistance of the Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics system, those concerns can be a thin of the past. The system actually plugs into the car’s on-board computer system, reading signals, codes, and messages, to provide the driver with a clearer picture of the car’s health and the reason that any dashboard light has become illuminated. The guesswork is removed, and that makes it easier to call a mechanic in the event of a major problem. Of course, that also means car owners may be able to avoid the mechanic if all that’s needed is a quick, do-it-yourself fix.

4. Kensington Proximo

Any car owner who has ever lost their phone in a parking garage or a massive parking lot knows the frustration of trying to remember the exact row with an armload of shopping bags. The Kensington Proximo is designed to solve this common problem. It comes with a sensor that stays in the car when the owner leaves, communicating with the driver’s smartphone to remind them of the location and indicate the car’s exact position when they need it the most. There’s no longer any need to press the panic button, wander around the parking lot, and drive away frustrated.

5. HD Radio Systems

In a world of high-quality digital music, FM radio signals can sound almost laughably poor. That’s where HD Radio comes in. This relatively recent development makes FM radio signals sound like CD-quality songs, and boosts the quality of AM signals to FM level. It’s a major upgrade and one that will be required as governments everywhere look to sunset traditional FM broadcasts in favor of their digital replacements.

Great Gadgets for All Drivers

From better radio broadcasts to more effortless use of cruise control systems, today’s best gadgets make driving easier, more entertaining, and a bit less frustrating even when the car is parked. For this reason, drivers looking to make the most of their vehicle should consider at least one of these five automotive game-changers.