Online GamingGaming is a fun thing and there is a great sense of achievement when you independently play one to the end but there are times when you could use a little help.

In today’s era, online gaming has become a social activity. These games are able to create communities that are completely based on human interaction. Although there was a common belief that online games have an anti-social nature.

This was because it could cause players to prefer solitude in playing games instead of traditional social activities. However, with the development of different types of games, this claim has proven to be wrong. Today, online games are not mere games but interactive portals for players. People here look for opportunities to trade techniques, reviews, suggestions, opinions, etc. This is made possible through chat rooms and forum discussions. Here, we will discuss the five best online gaming communities.

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 is the most successful game released by EA in October 2011. The game boasts a friendly community and emphasizes on teamwork. It also helps in bridging the communication gap between people online. The majority of battles take place outdoors but Close Quarters take place in a different environment. People who are members of Battlefield forum can benefit by gathering and discussing gaming series, make new friends and enemies, win prizes, and discuss serious issues. Thus, it gives them the community generated strategies, tips and tricks.

007 Legends

007 Legends was released by Eurocom in October 2012. It is also among the best gaming communities. It is a first person video game that features the character of secret agent James Bond. The Legends forum provides players with a platform to discuss their opinions about the game. People post comments and get replies. This generated a pool of information for players.

Left for Dead

This is another game that prides itself on teamwork. Players in the game work together to defeat the brain munchers. So, people can have fun Working as a team and also take advice from other players at the same time. Left for Dead gained a lot of popularity because of this reason. However, some people who were unable to work together split into communities. Later, such people moved to other shooter games. As a result, Left for Dead restored to its former glory.

Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet is also one of the friendliest online communities. In the game, players enter a user-created level with strangers. This provides an excellent platform to make friends. This is a nice change of pace compared to other online games that turn into online battlegrounds. The rating system is also designed to promote friendliness. Furthermore, this community driven game improves as you go along with it.

Mario Kart

Mario Kart 7 offers its players a chance to race with friends from different parts of the world. It is the first game in the series that simplifies online connectivity, making its members much happier than ever before. Mario Kart gaming community help players organize online match ups with other fellow players and avoid the nasty cheaters or other bad players online. Players can have a great time making friends and having fun.

Thus, you should consider joining an online gaming community for your best time.

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