LaptopWith advances in laptop and hybrid technology arriving almost everyday, it will be exciting to see these offerings in 2014!

Okay, so we all know how quickly technology can change. Innovations in processing technology, touch-screen technology and design aesthetic mean that sleek, high-performance laptops and laptop hybrids are now a reality.

But just what will the New Year bring us in this exciting field of computer technology?

With all the major players vying for supremacy in the laptop and notebook fields, we can expect to see dramatic improvements in the user friendliness, in the speed our laptops run and in the very way they look.

Below are just some of the tantalizing new technology developments that will feature in the computers of 2014!

New Hyper-Performance Processors from Intel

Intel plans to up its game in 2014, announcing development of new processing chips to significantly improve the performance of its 2014 laptops.

This September, Intel’s Subsidiary Broadwell unveiled a chip capable of delivering up to 30 percent better performance than existing Intel processors. The chips are expected to feature in products coming out during the second half of 2014.

In the meantime, Intel’s Bay Trail processors, especially designed for tablet PCs, will make all-round improvements to the performance of tablets and will operate in Windows 8.1 tablets coming out this December.

New Touch-Screen Tech on the Way from Intel

Beyond processors, Intel will use improvements in touch-screen technology to reduce the prices of its coming Ultrabook range. By making touch technology a mandatory feature of future Ultrabooks, we can expect that the price of touch-technology Ultrabooks will be made more affordable for consumers, in line with accessibility upgrades expected to feature in Windows 8.1.

Google Marches Forth with Chromebook Technology

Exciting new developments in Chromebook technology announced recently by Google suggest more processing punch and sleeker aesthetics are on the way for 2014.

It seems Google’s new Chromebooks will be making use of next-generation, powerful Haswell processors to deliver a 50% percent increase in the battery life of their laptops. What’s more, these same processing advancements are also expected to make sizeable improvements to all performance, memory and storage aspects of the Chromebook.

The new line-up of Chromebooks will also be aesthetically seductive, as Google plans to replace its current design with a slimmer model that’s glossier in finish. The visual sophistication of the device is also expected to belie its affordable price tag.

Better Pictures for Laptop Cameras

Advances in the area of laptop camera technology are expected to be particularly huge. With new Kinect-inspired sensory technology on the cards, we can expect that coming cameras will blow the current range of webcam-esque cameras out of the water.

With this new technology, cameras will be able to track the movements of users far more accurately and effectively, and will even be able to detect emotional changes in the user. The era of the ‘smart-camera’ really has arrived!

Laptops And HybridsLaptops And Hybrids

Other Goodies

Beyond processing power, aesthetics and how we physically interact with our computers, there is a raft of new innovations across the board for us to look forward to.

To start, business laptops will be feature advanced data encryption technology, be fitted with anti-theft alarms and will have improved login systems. There will be far more user-choice in how to arrange and re-arrange desktop systems with Windows 8.1, and new voice recognition aids (think Siri’s descendants) will feature on phones to be released both by Apple and Microsoft. There’s also the prospect of monumental improvements to data-storage technology with the possible release of the Memristor fourth circuit chip, which was first conceived of in 1971.

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All in all then, it seems 2014 will prove to be a year of technological advancement to wow the pants off us.

Article WritingMichael Jones is an IT student at the University of New South Wales. Although he is still studying, he plans to get an affordable loan from Flexirent so that he can jump on the technology wave of 2014!  Please feel free to leave your comments below.