Flash Drive PensBranding logo on USB pens is a way to boost your company sales considerably, by making them promotional giveaways at trade shows or as special corporate gifts.

These items can increase your customer loyalty and also bring new clients, increase your company conversion rates and can assure order repetitiveness. Well-designed branded USB pens or USB flash drives with the company logo, name, contact details or message will endorse your company image even more.

Promotional giveaways

The promotional USB flash drive pens have a distinct functionality and are also very portable. Coming in a myriad of colours and different designs, they are the perfect promotional products for any company. Branding logo on USB pens through imprinting or engraving will work extremely well for a company’s corporate image as well, plus, you can choose from some of the eco-friendly models, providing a more useful and enduring brand exposure. The products made from eco-friendly materials will state the company care about the environment and will also create a closer relationship with you clients or partners, because of your social responsibility.

Cost effective branding strategy

Among the many advantages, branding logo on USB pens is a cost effective way to create promotional items, as the bulk USB flash drive pens are quite cheap. Also, a great corporate gift is the executive USB pen, because of their double purpose. You can store important digital data and you can write with them, making them functional and handy. Their memory range, colours, designs are technical aspects, but only your imagination is the limit when it comes to branding logo on USB pens. In addition, you can preload promotional digital information on them, thus increasing your customer or partner knowledge about your brand.

Another way to use the promotional USB flash drive pens is as giveaways at conferences or seminars, in exhibitions and trade show, and even to students at different events. The custom made USBs are a promotional idea that will advertise any business through means very different from the regular ones and will guarantee an increase in visibility of your brand. By branding logo on USB pens, the message you try to send to clients, customers, partners or employees will be openly received and will be perceived as sophisticated and trendy.

Target your audience

Using traditional methods of advertising, your message may not be received to your targeted market segment of people, but the branded USB flash drive pens do just that. It ensures that your message is delivered and understood to the people of your choosing and not only, but also the ones that have any contact with them. In addition, using an eco-friendly and fashionable approach your business will gain even more from the promotional giveaways.

The importance of branding logo on USB pens cannot be underscored. They have not singular or limited usage as giveaway items from the advertising and promotional point of view, even more if compared to other traditional means of sales promotion or marketing.

Branding logo on USB pens is a way to make the people know our brand and to make it stronger.


Article WritingEric, the author of this article works as a consultant at USBcompany in UK. He likes to blog about technology, especially on the methods used to create branded usb pen drvies and other flash drives. Check out his social media contribution.