Superhero GadgetsIn this article we will discuss the best superhero gadgets from; optimus prime / batman / dr who and iron man.

Being a superhero must be pretty useful at the best of times, but most probably wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibility that comes with great power.

This is why the idea of having superhero gadgets close to hand seems like a better idea. And to be fair, there’s plenty out there that we’d love to have.

I saw a tech site cover this recently, so thought I would make a list of my own. Here are the ones that would definitely be worth having:

Optimus Prime – transform!

Being able to transform to anything would be pretty awesome, and being able to turn into a 60 tonne truck would be even better.

Imagine you want to move house, or pick up your trailer of Superhero gadgets. Why hire a truck when you can just pull the trailer yourself, at breakneck speeds, down the highway?

And of course no truck would be complete without a fire paint job over the wheel arches. Epic doesn’t even come close to describing this iconic feat of Autobot engineering!

Batman’s Batarang

Who wouldn’t want a bat-shaped shuriken that can knock firearms out of enemies’ hands, tie their legs together or even explode upon impact? This is the ultimate crime-fighting tool and one of Batman’s trustiest gadgets.

It’s saved Batman from many sticky situations, and with a little practise any superhero could integrate this into their inventory with a lot of success.

It may not be super high-tech, but it gets the job done quickly and in style, a perfect gadget to any Superhero.

Dr Who’s Sonic Screwdriver

The humble screwdriver – a staple tool in any man’s toolbox; but this screwdriver is on a whole new level.

Able to open almost any door, operate any computer (even when it’s alien hardware) and track extra-terrestrial life forms as they  fly past the at the speed of light, this gadget could be used in a variety of ways.

From opening doors for people who have lost their keys, or finding hidden information on a computer to uncover criminal activity and potentially save the world from an incoming alien invasion, this is pretty impressive for something the size of a pen if you ask me.

Iron Man’s Suit

This suit is probably one of the most iconic costumes in the world for superheroes, and if you don’t agree about it being the most iconic, you have to agree it’s definitely the most technically advanced.

It can directly connect to satellites, computers and mobile phones, allowing excellent communications in the heat of battle; which is really important for co-ordinating attacks and repelling enemies. Maybe in future, Google won’t just sell Google glass eyewear, but full on tech suits!?

The ‘repulsor’ technology contained in the major parts of the suit allows the suit to assemble itself around the wearer’s body, bypassing the need to disassemble it. This makes for super easy transformation from man into half man half machine! The technology isn’t the only good part of this suit, its super strong and looks pretty dapper too.

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