Dragon naturally speakingDragon Naturally Speaking is much more than a simple speech recognition program, it has the ability to learn from its own mistakes and lets you launch programs.

Imagine Speech Recognition software with cutting-edge voice transcription and voice command that exhibits more competency and a lower number of errors the more it is used. Say hello to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 from Nuance.

Dictaphone Transriptions

Being able to transcribe recordings can prove to be an incredible addition to your everyday life, making writing emails, keeping a diary, backing up information from that important lecture or meeting a much simpler and enjoyable task. This is because now you can produce audio voice recordings on the go with any recording device, and later transcribe them to text once you’re back in front of your computer. Iphone users can take great advantage of the Nuance app named ‘Dragon Dictation’ specially designed to turn your phone into a wireless microphone, capturing your thoughts as they flow and evolving them to text for either Mac or PC.

Launch Programs With Your Voice

In addition, you can now take advantage of the convenience of directing your computer at ease with the new voice command tool that gives you the ability to do many things from showing your desktop or opening new files, to posting on social media websites purely by the sound of your voice. With the new formatting and editing commands you can also ensure accuracy before finalizing your work or publishing your thoughts.

This will be necessary at first as the software will naturally make a few errors to start with, but is very easy to resolve. Simply use your voice to command ‘select (plus the misspelled or incorrect word)’ and then use the command ‘correct that’. This way Dragon will begin to learn from its inaccuracy and the number of mistakes made will soon decrease as it learns more about your voice and the manner in which you speak.

In addition to the above functionality, Dragon can even be set to run a scheduled routine scan on your computer in order to acquire more information about your use of vocabulary and therefore helping it to increase the accuracy of its transcriptions. The methods used, however, involve reading your emails and personal documents saved on your PC, so for those who are concerned about their privacy can disable the feature without any problems.

Learning The Lingo

Something you’ll have to get used to in order to limit the amount of editing necessary is adding punctuation as you speak, by using commands such as ‘full stop’, ‘comma’, ‘new paragraph’ etc.

Dragon is an extremely useful software loaded with valuable features that give you the opportunity to utilize your computer to the fullest in quick time and without needing to use a mouse or type a single word. The voice commands such as ‘scratch that’ to omit the last thing you said are easy to use and both ‘period’ and ‘full stop’ can be used at the end of a sentence. Admittedly it could take some time to get in the habit of using them, but before you know it, these commands will become second nature. Because Dragon Naturally speaking is so proficient at providing assited access to a computer and its prgrams, disable students in the UK may be able to get the program for free via their disabled student allowance grant.

Installing and setting up the software does involve a profile set up wizard that you’ll need to run in order to get started, but it doesn’t take too long. The purpose of this is to give Dragon the chance to learn and get adapted to your accent and your use of vocabulary, as well as configuring and checking your microphone levels.

Perhaps some of you will already have Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11, and are wondering how much it costs to upgrade for the many new features on offer; well the good news is it’s totally free. Just enter the Nuance website and get your upgrade immediately.

Nick DavisonThis guest post was written by Nick Davison, Nick writes about a range of topics including software, PC games, and PC hardware.