Transcription SpecialistsThere are various things you need to consider before hiring a transcriber to ensure that you are choosing the right one.

Sometimes you need to convert your digital files into written documents to make them more comprehensible, especially if the audio quality is poor. It would be advisable to outsource this task to professional transcribers to ensure that your transcriptions will be accurate.

Most people choose transcribers with fast typing speed, since they can complete the task in a much faster way. However, you must also consider other things aside from that. True, speed can complete the work quickly, but it will not ensure the quality of your transcriptions. Below are some of the factors that you should check before hiring a professional transcriber.


Having a sharp ear and excellent transcribing skills can only be developed through years of training and experience. This is the first thing to consider when you search for professional transcriber.  During the appointment, you must assess how many years your prospective transcribers have been in practice. A professional audio typist that has done audio transcriptions for several years will always be better than those who are just starting out.

Excellent Grammar Skills

Make sure that your transcriber has excellent grammar and punctuation skills. This is very important since grammatical flaws and spelling errors can make the legibility of your punctuations questionable.  Improper use of punctuations can change the meaning of your transcriptions. The message delivered by the sentence “Boys think girls are idiots.” can be altered with the use of commas.  “Boys, think girls, are idiots.” will surely present a different idea.

If you want to ensure that your transcriptions will represent the actual message of your audio file, you must look for professional transcribers with excellent grammar skills. Inspect his/her transcription samples. If they are free from grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors, then you can finalize your decision to hire him/her.

Broad Knowledge About Terminologies

If you are planning to have your company files transcribed, you must ensure that the transcriber is familiar of terminologies you use, since different companies use different terminologies. For example, an auto company will use terminologies that are alien to the medical industry. Therefore, when you search for a transcriber, always ask him or her whether he is familiar of the terminologies that your company use.

Equipment Used

Professional transcribers do not rely on their keen ears alone when transcribing files. They also use sophisticated equipment that will enable them to distinguish sounds clearly. Sometimes the recordings come with too much background noise, making it difficult to understand the dialogues. Nevertheless, professional transcribers have sophisticated equipment that helps them listen to the dialogues clearly.

If your files come in digital format, you must ensure that your professional transcriber has the right software to open them. You must also ensure that their computers are password protected and updated with the latest antivirus programs. This is to ensure that your files are protected and safe from viruses and hackers, during the transcription process.


You must always look for transcribers who are dedicated to their work. Make sure that you will choose a transcriber who does his/her best to submit the transcriptions on time. You must look for a transcriber that will do his/her best to ensure that the transcriptions will be in high quality. Of course, a transcriber can only do these things if he/she has dedication to work.


You must also check the reputation of your prospective transcriber before you hire him/her.  You must ask him/her to give you the names of his/her previous clients along with their contact information.  By calling them, you will be able to verify whether the transcriber is capable of delivering high quality work, and meeting his/her customer’s demands.

In case you are planning to search online, always makes sure that you will read the comments and reviews of Internet users before hiring a particular transcriber.  If the comments and feedback of users are positive regarding his /her site, then you can hire him/her.


As mentioned in the introduction, speed is also an important factor to consider before hiring a professional transcriber. Transcribing an audio file involves a lot of typing work. By choosing a transcriber with excellent typing speed (50-100 WPM), the transcription work will be completed faster. This is very important especially if you need to have your files transcribed immediately.

By considering the factors mentioned above, you will be able to hire the right transcriber for you. This will also ensure that your transcriptions will be in superb quality. Hiring skilled transcribers will also enable you to save time, since they can complete the task much faster than you do.

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