Debian WheezyPresented the corrected release Debian 7.2, which includes all available package updates and corrected flaws in the installer.

Recall that from Debian Wheezy changed the numbering scheme releases – the first digit in the version number is now associated with significant releases , and the second with corrective updates.

Installing assemblies are available for download. The assemblies are designed for new installations. The systems previously installed and maintained up to date, get updates present in Debian 7.2 via original install updates. Included in Debian 7.2 fixes security issues are available to users as updates are released through the service

Debian 7.2 includes 102 updates with the elimination of the serious problems with stability , and 58 upgrades with security fixes . Removed from the distribution package 6 (chmsee, dactyl, edbrowse, pyxpcom due to the loss of compatibility with Iceweasel 17, jclicmoodle due to binding to the lack thereof in the repositories and Moodle turpial due to incompatibility with the new authentication procedure Twitter).

Of the updates include:

– Ensure compatibility of those present in the repository Firefox- ons with Iceweasel / Firefox 17;

– Integrating changes produced by the project Debian Edu;

– Correction of DNSSD in CUPS;

– Troubleshooting performance issues with dpkg;

– In the gnome-settings-daemon prohibited Silently security-related updates;

– In grub2 fix the problem that prevents booting FreeBSD since release 9.1 in assemblies for architecture amd64;

– Updated package microcode for processors Intel;

– The Linux kernel has been updated to version 3.2.51, from version 3.4.6 ported modules drm and agp, disabled driver SATA_INIC162X.

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