OEM Software StoreOEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, which is a misnomer and often confuses users, as the companies that market OEMs are not the original equipment manufacturer.

They are manufacturers, but they resell other company’s equipment under their brand name and with their own warranties. These companies are different from VARs (value-added resellers), because they do not just re-market the products, they take the products, change their names, and offer their own licensing agreements.

What Is an OEM?

While at first glance, the business of an OEM may seem sketchy, but in reality, they are fully supported by the actual original manufacturer. When a tech company creates a new product, they create two different versions. The first, they package, brand, and distribute under their own name. The second version, they transfer to their OEM partners, who do their own branding and distributing.

These OEMs are approved by the original manufacturer of the tech, and they have some autonomy over price, warranty, and licenses. Because these tech products do not have the big-name branding (but are, in reality, the same product), they are a cost efficient buy for those looking for quality products at reduced prices. Most OEMs sell their tech to other whole sale manufacturers, for the construction of more complicated tech, but some is still available on the market for the everyday buyer.

For example, instead of buying a graphics card straight from the company that manufacturers and markets them under their brand name, a user can buy that same graphics card from an OEM at a reduced price. The best part about this system is that the tech is exactly the same. There may be two different versions of the technology, but they operate at the same level and are essential the same product.

Why Purchase OEM Downloadable Software?

OEM downloadable software – popular software at very low cost.

When you pay full price for Adobe Photoshop, for example, you are essentially paying for Adobe’s brand name and specific warranty. There are OEM versions of Photoshop which are much cheaper and have all the same functionality. Some people will not purchase them because they do not carry Adobe’s name, and they are simply wasting their money.

Windows 7 has a very popular OEM downloadable software alternative. The operating systems are exactly the same, they function the same way, are both created by Microsoft. They are simply marketed by different companies. The OEM software does not have the Microsoft support that the original Windows 7 has, and the licenses for an OEM are connected to specific computer, not just to the operating system. Other than these small differences, the OEM and retail versions are identical—except in price.

OEMs are, across the board, cheaper than their retail alternatives. Though they usually do not have the same support packages as retail versions, their cheaper price make up for the lack of company support and licensing restrictions.

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