Linux-Mint-15Linux Mint Debian Edition: Update Pack 7 was released as the “latest” update pack yesterday.

A new version of the assembly of alternative distribution Linux Mint – Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) Update Pack 7, made on the basis of Debian Testing packages ( classic Linux Mint is based on packet- based Ubuntu).

In addition to using Debian packages, LMDE important difference from the Linux Mint is the constant upgrade cycle packages (model of continuous updates : semi-rolling release), in which the packages updates come out constantly and the user at any time has the ability to go to the last versions.

The package includes all of the improvements LMDE classic Linux Mint release and all of the original project ( update manager , configurators , menus, interface , system GUI- application). The distribution is fully compatible with the Debian GNU / Linux, but is not compatible with Ubuntu and the classic Linux Mint.

Installing the Update Pack 7 is a regular update manager to create a new installation, use the iso-image from the previous release. Ready- iso- images for the Update Pack 7 is not released and will be available only for the Update Pack 8, which will be released after the Linux Mint 16 and will include a desktop environment MATE 1.8 and Cinnamon 2.0.

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