5 best desktop audio players5 best desktop audio players

Many people have favorite audio players. Some sufficient to music playing smoothly, without delays and interference. Others in media players are looking for tools for create playlists, sync with smartphones, building a music collection and attractive design. The news portal Lifehacker decided to create ranking of the five best desktop music players according to survey of readers.

Early last week, Lifehacker analysts asked its readers to call the best desktop audio players that can offer the flexibility, power, and ease of use. The following nominees has been included to five of the most popular applications:

MediaMonkey (for Microsoft Windows)

The program MediaMonkey – a kind combination of a jukebox with the library. Users can use it to play your own files, create playlists, sync with mobile devices. But most importantly, tools MediaMonkey is able to easily and quickly organize your files in a user’s audio library. The structure and interface of the application are available for configuration: the player is fast even under the weight of thousands of libraries. In MediaMonkey is also available all the basic functionality : download podcasts, supports OGG, FLAC, MP3 and AAC, record CD- ROM drive, refresh in the library, etc.

MediaMonkey Website: http://www.mediamonkey.com/

Winamp (Windows / Mac)

For more than 15 years old player Winamp is one of the most popular on the market. Winamp is light, fast and customizable. API can be as minimalist – as a narrow-line play – or grow to full-screen mode. Users will find in Winamp search panel, information about the libraries, organized by artist, album and song, full web-browsing, etc. Winamp handles all the tasks that are normally expected of the media player: recording discs, supports an extensive set of file formats, synchronize with mobile devices via USB or WiFi-connection.

Winamp Website: http://www.winamp.com/

Foobar2000 (Windows)

Developers of Foobar2000 called his creation the most advanced free music player thanks to the numerous configuration options. This tool makes the process of playing music as personalized. Therefore, foobar2000, probably not too pleasant for users who just want to listen to a song, and not to experiment with different settings. Foobar2000 contains all the features of standard media player, supports an extensive list of formats. The most interesting is that the application is compatible with the technology ReplayGain, which provides the same level of all songs played from the playlist.

Foobar2000 Website: http://www.foobar2000.org/

MusicBee (Windows)

Unlike most desktop audio players with tons of options, themes and settings, application MusicBee relies on brevity in design and ease of use. MusicBee interface offers access to useful information such as lyrics, album graphic design, for more information about the artist, etc. The users are still available built-in skins and settings, but none of these elements does not slow down the player. MusicBee easily handles large libraries, podcasts, unpopular file formats, etc. Functions include the organization of libraries, burn CDs, sync with smartphones, checkboxes tag and download more data tracks.

MusicBee Website: http://getmusicbee.com/

Zune Music (Windows)

Although the Zune Music service is now called Xbox Music and is no longer available in its original form, this music player is still loved by many users. Its main advantages are the same – a stylish interface, the organization podcast download options, auto-generation of backgrounds, custom playlists and playlists oxides. Zune Music supports dozens of file types, and though not distinguished by great flexibility and convenience, boasting a high-performance, sufficient capacity for large libraries, as well as an attractive full-screen mode.

Zune Music from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zune

Based on materials from web site Lifehacker.