EffectualToday there are countless applications that help in the organization of work and personal life. Of course, for the convenience of users choose software with more features, but at the same time, plain and simple to manage. Effectual – is considered one of the best representatives of the class scheduler tasks.

One of the main advantages of the service Effectual – sync task lists on devices connected to the account Microsoft. Other distinctive capabilities solutions – a comprehensive labeling system, placing time limits for specific tasks, as well as tiled interface.

After downloading and installing Effectual to enter offers use of your account by Microsoft. This allows you to see Effectual synchronized data from different devices. Already there is a special version for Windows 8, which will allow you to synchronize your tasks on PCs and tablets.

Create problems in Effectual for Windows 8 is very simple: you only need to go to the section Brainstorm. Adding a task, you will immediately assign it priority , indicate the urgency of the implementation and status. After that you enter the description of the task, set a reminder date and the expiration date. All of these features will help you to arrange your tasks by priority: low, medium, high or critical. The status can be selected as follows: open, canceled, on hold in the past, and also performed. The system also offers a reminder: “Remind me tomorrow” or next week, etc.

Prioritizing tasks will distribute your convenient time. So, after the creation of the tasks, you will see how they are distributed in the application. In addition, the application proposes to use tags to sort tasks by priority, as well as filter by date. Tags for this are in the main menu.

Windows-based application is not much different from their “mobile brother”, the only difference is in the number of screens: a desktop version of all the actions performed on the main and single screen.

Effectual is free for both devices WP8, and Windows 8/RT.

Effectual Screenshot

Effectual at  Windows Phone Store (Approximate size: 5.3 MB): http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/effectual/

Effectual at Windows Store  (Download size 1 MB): http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/effectual/