System Mechanic

American developer iolo Technologies LLC announced the release of System Mechanic 12.0 and System Mechanic Professional 12.0 – major update to its flagship systems optimization and stabilization of the PC.

Version 12.0 offers advanced tools, an improved algorithm for removal of malware, as well as full compatibility with the updated OS Windows 8.1.

System Mechanic 12.0 provides a more efficient correction of system errors thanks to the new Core Data Recalibrator, which detects and fixes problems with the central communication systems Windows. At failures , these systems can behave quite erratically: send false warnings to generate false reports, etc.

New Tool Stability Guard provides the user with an overview of the computer for an extended period of time, documenting the important changes at the application level and system to help find problems and fix them .

Get System Mechanic TodayIn the System Mechanic 12.0 has also been improved component CRUDD Remover, helping to remove the programs that users have installed themselves or have never run . The new version CRUDD Remover can detect 150 additional categories of software.

Release 12.0 offers even more efficient iolo daily updates to improve stability – Tune-Up Definitions, as well as providing their own protection modules virus and Spyware (System Shield). And all this – without slowing down the operating system.

Products System Mechanic 12.0 and System Mechanic Professional 12.0 certified for use with Windows 8.1 OS, offering new exclusive application Winspresso for selection from back-end applications of unused RAM. A special component of PC Health Status in the modern user interface displays the status and performance of your PC.

Solutions System Mechanic Free 12.0, System Mechanic 12.0 and System Mechanic Pro 12.0 is now available for download. At the moment, the installation files are version 11.7, but soon after the installation software itself is updated to version 12.0.

iolo System Mechanic 12 screenshot

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