Full HD-TV Toshiba 39L4353Toshiba has started selling LCD TVs with LED backlighting 39L4353 of a series L4 2013. New supports Full HD resolution and a “smart” functions thanks to a proprietary cloud service Toshiba Cloud TV.

TV has a 39-inch screen, the response time of which is 6.5 ms and uses proprietary technology of active management flickering LEDs AMR100 to improve picture quality.

To connect to network is provided the Ethernet port and an optional Wi-Fi-adapter, and support DLNA standards and WiDi. There is the ability to record TV programs to an external storage device via USB-port. Cloud service – Cloud TV includes a web browser, the client Skype, games, etc.

Among other features include processor Meta Brain, tuner DVB-C, DVD-T, DVB-T2 and H.264, Dolby Digital audio, and four HDMI ports, in addition to the standard set of digital and analog connectors.