IntelChip maker Intel today announced the immediate availability of new low-power processors Intel Core i3 fourth generation. Here is the low-power chip consumes only 4.5 watts at reduced consumption mode .

Dual-core processor Core i3-4012Y is part of the new processors Haswell, it can work without an air cooling system in tablets and hybrid devices , providing on the one hand support 64- bit computing , and on the other – an economical power consumption. Currently tablets like Microsoft’s Surface Pro based on Intel Core chips offer users high performance, but not too much battery life.

Intel has claimed that the new Haswell chips on two cores offer twice the increased battery life compared to previous processors Intel Ivy Bridge. In addition, Intel claims that Haswell have a rich set of multimedia features, which positively affects the schedule, although the quality of the latter in 4.5 – watt mode leaves much to be desired.

Core i3-4012Y consumes 4.5 watts in normal mode , but this figure was derived from the metric Intel, which tests the CPU by SDP (Scenario Design Power). The new chips also can be used in laptops, where they consume 11.5 watts (the metric of TDP-Thermal Design Power). As explained in the Intel, the first technique is better suited for no fans devices, such as tablets, and the second – to traditional solutions with air cooling.

4.5 -watt chip is clocked at 1.5 GHz. It ships with a 1.3 -GHz processor Core i3-4010Y, consumes 6 watts. The consumption of notebook solutions starts with 11.5 watts.

All the new chips have 3 MB of cache , built-in cache memory and support for low-profile memory DDR3.

4th Generation Intel Core i3 Processors

4th Generation Intel Core i3 Processors