AMD Roadmap 2014The world’s second largest chip maker Advanced Micro Devices at a press conference Monday night announced that next year is going to release a line of processors for embedded systems, such as Internet-connected TVs, and other professional equipment.

AMD has said that embedded systems – this is a very dynamic sector of today’s market, where is a place for high- and low-power chips.

AMD has stressed that the line of chips will include hybrid solutions for micro architectures ARM and x86.

As expected, the first will be processors Hierofalcon, which will be performed under the SoC-platform (System on a chip) and will be based on microkernels ARM Cortex-A57. A57 chips are the first ARM processors, support 64-bit technology and created for the data center, communications infrastructure and industrial solutions. They will appear in the second half of next year.

Solutions Bald Eagle – it’s x86-chips, which will be available both separately and as part of APU (accelerated processing unit), they are designed for powerful embedded devices such as gaming CPUs.

Steppe Eagle – is a pure APU, which will begin shipping in the first half of the year and will focus on low-power devices.

Finally, the last family – it Adelaar, data chips designed for 3D-graphics that they support the work with multiple screens, their release is also expected in the first half of 2014.

AMD Embedded Product Roadmap for 2014

AMD Embedded Product Roadmap for 2014