Linux From ScratchLFS Stable Version 7.4 – it is a major release with toolchain updates.

A guide Linux From Scratch 7.4, which shows how to create a basic Linux-based system from scratch, using only the source code of the required software.

In total updated the 32 packs, fixes bugs in the startup scripts are made in the editorial work on the explanatory material throughout the book, so to improve the accuracy and clarity of the text.

The new version of the transition to the kernel Linux 3.10, Udev 206 from the systemd- 206 system library glibc 2.18, a set of compiler gcc 4.8.1, tools binutils 2.23.2, Automake 1.14, Kmod 14, Diffutils 3.3, E2fsprogs 1.42.8, Procps-ng 3.3.8 and Util-Linux 2.23.2. Among other updated components can be noted Vim 7.4, Bison 3.0, Gawk 4.1.0, Gzip 1.6, Less 458, Perl 5.18.1, Zlib 1.2.8.

In addition to guidance on the creation of the base system , the project produced a few additional books :

– “Beyond Linux From Scratch” – manual configuration and assembly of more than 500 software packages , surrounded by LFS. Current release : svn 2013-09-07, list of changes ;

– “Automated Linux From Scratch” – a framework for the automation of assembly LFS- systems and package management ;

– “Cross Linux From Scratch” – the description of the cross-platform build LFS- system supported architecture : x86, x86_64, sparc, mips, PowerPC, alpha, hppa, arm. Latest version : CLFS GIT- 20130908 , Embedded CLFS GIT- 20130302 ;

– “Hardened Linux From Scratch” – to improve the safety instructions LFS, the use of additional patches and restrictions;

– “LFS Hints” – a compilation of additional tips with a description of alternative solutions described in the LFS and BLFS steps. Added instructions for assembling LFS for PowerPC (32bit);

– “LFS LiveCD” – project to prepare LiveCD. At this point, does not develop.

You can read the book (Linux From Scratch Version 7.4) online, or download now and read locally.