Edward SnowdenU.S. National Security Agency (NSA) that is specialized in electronic intelligence, and its British colleges – the Office of Government Communications (OGS) – have developed special techniques that allow them to break in almost all currently used in Internet encryption standards. The documents that former NSA intelligence officer Edward Snowden sent to the New York Times and the Guardian proved that information.

The New York Times informs that the intelligence agencies have an access to trade secrets and private correspondence on the internet in many companies around the world due to the decryption methods. NSA uses supercomputers to crack the cipher, and the agency hires the highly skilled hackers.

On request from NSA some U.S. and foreign companies produce special computer hardware and software that is vulnerable to hacking by the security services. The New York Times points out that the U.S. spends $250 million annually on the development of methods of deciphering. “Since 2000, when the Internet began to receive widespread encryption, billions of dollars have been spent on these purposes,” – informed the source.

According to the newspaper, OGS – probably in cooperation with the NSA – made attempts to find the way to the protected traffic of Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Microsoft Hotmail. In particular, in one of the documents that Snowden sent to the newspaper has evidence that the British intelligence division has developed a “new way to break in” Google.

Edward Snowden From WikipediaIn addition, the New York Times reports that over the years NSA has been working to weaken the international standards of cryptography. Thus, according to an internal memo, which Snowden gave to the newspaper, the agency deliberately kept the “weak points” in the standard encryption, that the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology assumed in 2006.

According to the newspaper NSA considers the ability to decipher the information as one of its priorities and NSA competes with the intelligence agencies of China, Russia and other countries in this area. “In the future superpower countries will develop and degrade, depending on how strong the crypto analysis programs they have. Therefore the United States should have and keep unlimited access to cyberspace “– the newspaper quoted a document from the NSA.

The New York Times reported that U.S. intelligence officials asked the newspaper officials do not publish the documents. NSA claimed that after the article will be published, the surveillance objects can go to the new methods of data encryption. The newspaper notes that, despite the request, decided to publish the materials, but without a number of specific facts about the actions of the NSA.

Along with the New York Times and the Guardian nonprofit news organization ProPublica has published information about the possibilities of the U.S. and UK intelligence agencies to decipher the information on the Internet. ProPublica specializes in investigative journalism. New York Times and ProPublica received Snowden’s documents from the “Guardian” in July – after the U.S government began to pressure a British newspaper.