Norton LogoNorton Security Solutions updated for compatibility with the new features Windows 8.1, enhanced security and usability.

Norton by Symantec announced the release of an updated version of its security solutions: Norton 360 Multi-Device, Norton 360, Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus. The products contain patented improvements in the five levels of protection, which increased productivity, and they are compatible with the operating system Windows 8.1.

Release of new Norton Internet Security 2014 and Norton AntiVirus 2014

According to a Symantec study, 30% rise in the number of Web-based attacks in 2012 is due to the easy availability of malware and vulnerabilities by themselves websites. As a result, even when visiting the official websites of users can be attacked, thus threatening gets not only personal information, but also users devices. Norton 2014 solutions offer comprehensive protection against emerging and constantly evolving online threats without sacrificing the performance of devices.

New features and updates

Norton products have a fresh user interface, however, most of the updates include improvements to the five patented layers of protection:

– An improved algorithm for recovering the system files – Increasingly malware causes damage to the system files of Windows, forcing the user to reinstall the operating system. Backed by a global network of Symantec Intelligence, an improved algorithm has been developed for the rapid and accurate reconstruction of the system files;

– Enhanced protection SONAR (Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response) The new version has been greatly improved product protection technology SONAR. Using heuristics SONAR monitors suspicious activity programs on your computer and detects new threats based on the behavior of applications. Now SONAR to detect and remove malware, masking its work under the execution of operational processes Windows;

– Restoration and cleaning with protection SONAR – Impact analysis malware attacks is an equally important part of the protection . SONAR helps to eliminate the consequences of malware attacks , keeping all the information about the attacks , which is then used for the development of Norton recovery algorithms . This ensures that all the consequences of malicious attacks removed and the system is fully restored;

– Simplified installation and management – For users who prefer a web – installing software or do not have CD / DVD- drives , this version of the product for easy installation and configuration. Users can quickly download and install the latest version of the product, and the program automatically detects the type of device and the right decision for him;

– Increased productivity – Users do not want to make the decision for security slowed the daily work of their PCs. So every year to Norton is to increase productivity while maintaining the highest level of protection. Compared with last year’s version of the product, system boot time was improved by 15% , speed of installation – 10%. Furthermore, when scanning solutions Norton occupy no more than 100MB / s of memory , which is currently the best measure of performance. (Source : PassMark, August 2013);

– Enhanced Norton Identity Safe – An updated version offers a whole new perspective on password management tool. It also includes an improved system for filling the forms of identification that allows to import and export data in Identity Safe, stored in the database user passwords. For added convenience, it is now available directly from the toolbar Norton.

The updated version of Norton 360 Multi-Device, Norton 360, Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus are available to download over the Internet. Current versions of packaged products do not contain instructions on the box version . By purchasing them, users will be updated automatically. Users of previous versions of Active subscribers can get the update for free. Additional information about the update is available in Update, Norton.

Recommended retail prices for the products has not changed:

– The recommended price for Norton 360 Multi-Device, providing comprehensive protection devices for five years on the platforms PC, Mac, iOS and Android, as well as providing users online storage for your important files with 25GB of $69.99 USD;

Norton 360 Multi Device

– The recommended price of Norton 360 protects your PC for three years and includes all the components of Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security, as well as 2 GB of secure online storage, is $59.99 USD;

Norton 360

– The suggested retail price of Norton Internet Security, which provides advanced protection against viruses and Internet threats and containing five levels of Norton Protection System, is $49.99 USD for the Protection of the three PCs in a year;

Norton Internet Security

– The recommended retail price for the basic solutions internet protection Norton AntiVirus, is $39.99 USD for a single PC for a year.

Norton AntiVirus

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