Maxthon BrowserChinese cloud browser Maxthon (fourth version) continues to receive regular updates.

The latest to date – – fixes a problem with the display of content in the environment Windows XP. Apparently, the developers continue to pay attention to the Windows XP operating system, despite the fact that Microsoft is planning to send her to retire in April 2014.

In addition, the new version of the web-browser Maxthon resolves issues quickly display the installed plug-ins and extensions to display the Sidebar. Assembling improves the Webkit core by removing the URL- parsing vulnerabilities and fixes a bug when opening a PDF- file

We remind you that the cloud Maxthon Browser supports almost all versions of the Windows OS, so users can easily install it on the OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The web browser Maxthon Cloud takes advantage of cloud services for data exchange between different devices, double Trident and Webkit engine to quickly display web pages, support for HTML5 features of the modern Internet.

Program Description

Maxthon Cloud is a powerful web browser with tabs, designed for users of all tastes and preferences. In addition to the basic capabilities of the browser, Maxthon offers a rich set of features to improve your Internet surfing.

Maxthon Cloud – the only browser that supports all formats on the Internet. Dual engine to display web pages (Trident and WebKit, JavaScript- fast engine (V8), support for modern HTML5 do everything that visited the site opens really fast.

By registering an account Maxthon Cloud, you get instant access to the “cloud” features. Maxthon will securely encrypt and sync your bookmarks for access from any computer or mobile device running Maxthon anywhere with internet available. You’ll also be able to download the necessary files to the cloud, as well as send text, links and tabs on other computers smarfony or tablets.

Get quick access to your favorite Web sites using the Quick Access. Feature Drag-and-drop for easy configuration of the Web browser. Securely store, view and manage your accounts (passwords, user names ). Magic Fill AutoComplete will automatically fill in your user name and password for your favorite sites.

Anti-Banner Ad Hunter in Maxthon Cloud has become much more effective to block pop-up ads and other advertisements, before you have time to notice them. Compare the search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser Screenshot

New in version

[Main Frame]

  • Fixed a bug that is not sent to the cloud background tab by right-clicking the mouse
  • Display problems in Windows XPm
  • The problem of mapping plug-in Sidebar

Fixed a display issue a request plug-in installation

[Webkitt Core]

  • Fixed URL parsing vulnerability
  • Fixed a bug when opening PDF- File
  • Improved stability webkit core

Main features of Maxthon Cloud

Cloud services Maxthon Cloud:

– Cloud Push: support for sending text, images, and veb-saytov/ssylok tabs on the Mac or Windows, as well as smartphones and tablets Android, iPhone, iPad.;

– Load in the ” cloud” : support loading files of various formats and send them to the “My Cloud” backup on any device;

– Cloud tabs allows you to continue surfing the web on the spot where you left off, automatically synchronizing tabs for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Mac-devices;

– Synchronization in the “cloud ” : synchronizing account information (selection, configuration, and auto-complete forms data ) with other devices.

Convenient and fast web browsing:

– A modern browser correctly displays any websites and web pages . MuliPoisk will find information faster using multiple search engines, the group elected lets you create a collection of your favorite sites, and calendar stories organizes Daily Journal web browsing.

Additional built-in functions:

– Advanced built-in features are the hallmark of the web browser Maxthon. Easy loading of web content (video, audio, images) from websites, watching video in a popup window, getting screenshots of web pages, providing access to frequently used programs – all features that make it easier to use a computer every day.

Security of your information on the Internet:

– The ” Private View ” allows you to visit websites and download files without leaving traces of your activities. Anti-Banner “Ad Hunter” block pop-up ads and other advertising, allowing you to manage the rules blocking adware and malware content.

Built-in spell checking:

– Maxthon spell check for you input text on Web pages. Spell check is available for the following languages ​​: Russian, English, German, French, Czech, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish.