EvernoteEvernote Corporation has announced a new release of Evernote 5 for Windows, which has become an important and essential in all plans for upgrade for users of the service.

Upgrade affected all the main options for the service, including the interface, visualization and editing notes , search, and a system of reminders .

Cloud tool to create notes received a redesign for the first time since the first release of Evernote on Windows platform. Evernote developers claim that the changes will help simplify the process of working with your notes. In addition to the concise appearance, getting rid of clutter on the screen, the app has gained a number of new features to quickly view relevant materials.

The program is also offered to other new features , most of which are already present in a Mac version of the app, released in November 2012. The main innovation is the support of the label, which will help streamline storage of notes, notebooks and tags. When choosing the right panel section enters an appropriate mode. This mapping allows us to better focus on the task at hand, but if you want a full list of notebooks or notes can be displayed on the left panel, as it was before.

Evernote 5 introduced another interesting option. When you press the alarm icon, you can add the selected entry in the list of reminders at the top of the list of notes that can be moved to indicate priority. Of course, you can add notes to the deadline in order to be sure that the job will be done on time. Reminders can also be added in a notebook , in which case users will be notified of upcoming deadlines of tasks in a particular article.

The fifth version includes a new view the notes as a square card, additional options for easy editing notes (note was fortified border, and double-click it in the list to open a special window for reading and editing) .

A notable innovation in Evernote 5 were improved search mode. They include search suggestions, search the common notebooks, shortcuts saved queries. Finally, we note that Evernote Business users can now also toggle between viewing personal and corporate notebooks and tags and easily create a business from personal notebooks .

Evernote 5 for Windows Desktop is available as a free download and runs on Windows XP and later versions. Also you can download Evernote for Mac 5.2.1, Evernote Touch 2.0 for Windows 8, Evernote for iPhone and iPad 5.4 and Evernote for Android 5.0.5.

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Evernote 5 for Windows Desktop is Here: