Project EdgeIn Canonical said that despite the death of Project Edge, which never came into existence, the company is still set to innovation and believes that it is “advanced mobile innovations” will be decisive for the next few years.

Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical, said that before the start of production of the project Edge smartphone gleaning $19 million, but the team of programmers working for Canonical and focused on mobile technology, will continue to design the Ubuntu-like software for smartphones and tablets. She also noted that the company will work hard to ensure that Ubuntu users get the best of the three operating systems – Linux, Android and Windows to work in the daily routine.

Silber says that all those who have transferred money to the project Edge will get their transfer back to full size, but the Ubuntu on mobile devices will still appear, but it will be in early 2014. “We are working on the convergence of Ubuntu. Talking about the mobile side of the development, we can say that we expect the commercial smartphones based on our software in the first quarter of 2014,” – she said.

She is also recognized that the failure of the project Canonical Edge at large does not come as a surprise, because from the very first stages of the campaign, it became clear that the alleged strip in the $ 32 million will not be achieved in the required time. “We realized that our project – a project of enthusiasts, no one expected to find any single sponsor who would invest in the project of 15-20 million dollars at once,” – said Canonical CEO.

For all this, the company notes that interest in Ubuntu as the operating system is still there and device manufacturers cooperating with Canonical.